Cake Walk?

Wait for it … (at about 0:46) …

We knew something was afoot. Adam Jones could not NOT do something after a win. So, after the O’s walk-off Opening Day win on Monday, we waited for Adam Jones to interrupt the interview with Matt Wieters. And we were not disappointed. Adam Jones came trotting out with a pie tin. And as reported in both the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, though he appeared to have defied the pie ban, Adam Jones did not technically break the rules.

It was cake. And it was beautiful. [Update: Camden Chat and CBS-Baltimore report that they have confirmed that it wasn’t cake after all, despite it’s “cakey” appearance that Buck referred to.]

We’ll see what he does for the next win.

Concerning the incident, Buck Showalter quipped, “I’ve lost control of the team again. Pick the battles worth winning, right? It had some kind of orange look to it. It looked very cakey to me.” Adam Jones stated he’d plead the fifth, and later acknowledged on Twitter that he’d take whatever punishment might be coming his way:

It was the perfect way to start the new baseball season!

~ baseballrebecca


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