Baysox Opening Night

IMG_0803It was almost everything we could ask for – our championship team playing at home on the first night of the season, a rehab start by a Major Leaguer, a home run by one of our top prospects, and some good plays by our favorite starters. And, of course, sumo wrestlers, the dizzy bat race, and other assorted contests.

The only thing missing was a win. Unfortunately, the Baysox lost to the RubberDucks, 5-2.

The 50 degrees and rain that caused a delay in the Nats game down the road a bit, only delayed the start by a little over a half hour and mostly stayed away until the end of the game. And I don’t know about Nats stadium or Camden Yards, but the rain left behind a nice rainbow over Prince George’s Stadium in beautiful Bowie, Maryland.

It was a nice start to the Minor League Season!

~ baseballrebecca


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