The Annual Bobble List

The first bobblehead of the season was given out Thursday – Trout and Pujols. But don’t worry – if you missed out, there are plenty more to come. Major League Baseball teams are giving away a total of 192 bobbleheads and gnomes this year, though several require fans to purchase special tickets to obtain them. I’ll post the minor league bobblehead list next week.

Happy collecting!

~ baseballrebecca

Date Team Bobble or Gnome
7-Apr Angels Trout and Pujols HR Bobblehead
10-Apr Brewers 1980s Vintage Bobblehead
10-Apr Rockies Nolan Arenado Diamond Leader Bobblehead
16-Apr Cardinals Adam Wainwright
16-Apr Cubs Joe Maddon
16-Apr Marlins Charles Johnson 1997 All-Star Bobblehead
16-Apr Rays Kiermaier Platinum Glove Bobblehead
17-Apr Pirates Josh Harrison gnome
19-Apr Cardinals Adam Wainright mini bobble (special tix)
19-Apr Rangers Jeff Banister AL Manager of the Year Bobblehead
19-Apr Red Sox Mookie Betts
22-Apr Giants Juli Inskter (World Golf Hall of Famer) bobblehead (special tix)
23-Apr Braves Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren “Famous Calls” bobblehead
23-Apr Diamondbacks AJ Pollock
23-Apr Giants Matt Duffy bobblehead
23-Apr Reds Joey Votto Super Hero Bobblehead
23-Apr Tigers “April in the D” Detroit Tigers Retro-Style Bobblehead
23-Apr White Sox Abreu Plush Bleacher Creature
23-Apr Yankees Babe Ruth
24-Apr Blue Jays Josh Donaldson MVP Bobblehead
25-Apr Dodgers Clayton Kershaw
26-Apr Giants Year of the Monkey Figurine (special tix)
30-Apr A’s Sean Doolittle Gnome with sound
30-Apr Brewers Jonathan Lucroy Superhero Bobblehead (special tix required)
30-Apr Cardinals Trevor Rosenthal Bobblehead with sound chip
30-Apr Cubs Ron Santo Replica Statue
30-Apr Dodgers Justin Turner Chia Pet
30-Apr Mariners Nelson Cruz “Boomstick” Bobblehead
30-Apr Mets Syndergaard-en Gnome
30-Apr Rays Archer K-Counter Bobblehead
1-May Brewers Ryan Braun Franchise Home Run Leader Bobblehead
3-May Cardinals Jeff Suppan mini bobble (special tix)
5-May Giants Lou Seal/Cinco de Mayo bobblehead (special tix)
6-May Giants Brandon Crawford (fans receive either a Silver Slugger or Gold Glove bobblehead)
7-May Astros Dallas Keuchel “Cy Young/Gold Glove” Bobblehead
7-May Giants Giants-themed Captain America bobblehead (special tix)
7-May Marlins Jeff Conine 1995 All-Star Bobblehead
7-May Reds Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Mr. Redlegs Bobblehead
7-May White Sox Chris Sale K-Counter Bobbblehead
10-May Red Sox David Price
11-May Dodgers Dave Roberts
11-May Nationals Bryce Harper
14-May Mariners Kyle Seager
14-May Rangers Rougned Odor Bobblehead
14-May Royals Ned Yost
17-May Cardinals Chris Duncan mini bobble (special tix)
17-May Tigers Ian Kinsler
20-May Angels Trout Wall Catch Figurine
20-May Cardinals Yadier Molina garden gnome
21-May Marlins Ichiro Suzuki Hit-Counter Bobblehead
21-May Pirates “Raise the Jolly Roger” bobblehead
21-May Reds Ken Griffey Jr. Dual Bobblehead
22-May A’s Josh Reddick bobblehead
23-May Nationals Max Scherzer No-Hitter Bobblehead, Piece #1 of 2
24-May Cardinals David Eckstein mini bobble (special tix)
25-May Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez
28-May Braves Chipper Jones and Freddie Freeman “Chipper Rescues Freddie” ATV bobblehead
29-May Blue Jays Delgado, Bautista, and Wells Trio Bobblehead
29-May Brewers Kids’ Paint-Your-Own Bernie Bobblehead
29-May Rangers Blue Dot Bobblehead, 1 in a series of 3
4-Jun Astros Colby Rasmus 2015 Postseason Celebration Bobblehead
4-Jun Cardinals Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina “Final Out” Dual Bobblehead
4-Jun Marlins Mike Lowell 2003 All-Star Bobblehead
8-Jun Dodgers Don Newcombe
9-Jun Brewers Brewers mascot Barrelman bobblehead wearing a knit sweater (for stitch ‘n pitch day)
11-Jun Brewers Stormin’ Gorman Stormtrooper Bobblehead (special tix req’d)
11-Jun Rays Archer Stormtrooper Bobblehead
11-Jun Reds Reds Garden Gnome
12-Jun Brewers Barking BobbleHank
14-Jun Cardinals Jason Isringhausen mini bobble (special tix)
14-Jun Red Sox Veritek
18-Jun Marlins Luis Castillo 2002 All-Star Bobblehead
18-Jun Royals Kendrys Morales
18-Jun Twins Migue Sano
21-Jun Red Sox Papi Gnome
22-Jun Dodgers Dusty Baker
23-Jun Braves Bobblehead TBA
23-Jun Pirates Gerrit Cole bobblehead
24-Jun Mariners Felix Hernandez
24-Jun Yankees Mickey Mantle Triple Crown Bobblehead Night
25-Jun Giants Madison Bumgarner
25-Jun Marlins Moises Alou 1997 All-Star Bobblehead
25-Jun Royals Alcides Escobar
26-Jun Brewers Greg Vaughn 90’s Bobblehead
27-Jun Nationals Jayson Werth and Pet Figurine
2-Jul Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt
2-Jul Dodgers 1981 Tri-MVP Bobblehead feat. Ron Cey, Steve Yeager, and Pedro Guerrero
2-Jul Twins Ervin Santana
3-Jul Blue Jays Troy Tulowitzki
3-Jul Nationals Racing President Bobblehead
5-Jul Cardinals Tony LaRussa mini bobble (special tix)
5-Jul Cubs Antony Rizzo “Tarp Catch” Bobblehead
5-Jul Nationals Bryce Harper Chia Pet
9-Jul Brewers Quad-bobble featuring four Brewers players as the Ghostbuster (special tix required)
9-Jul Indians Yan Gomez
9-Jul Marlins Edgar Renteria 1998 All-Star bobblehead
10-Jul Rangers Cole Hamels
10-Jul Red Sox Wally and Tessie Bobblehead
12-Jul Astros Carlos Correa Rooke of the Year Bobblehead
16-Jul A’s Hello Kitty bobblehead
16-Jul Mariners Robinson Cano
16-Jul Reds Zack Cozart Bobblehead
16-Jul Tigers JD Martinez
16-Jul Twins Torii Hunter (Torii Hunter HoF Induction)
17-Jul Rays Kiermaier Claus Bobblehead
17-Jul Tigers Jose Iglesias
18-Jul Phillies Maikel Franco Bobble Figurine
19-Jul Cardinals Brad Thompson mini bobble (special tix)
19-Jul Nationals Dusty Baker Bobblehead
20-Jul Cubs Jake Arrieta “Cy Young” Bobblehead
22-Jul Cardinals Matt Holliday
23-Jul Astros Evan Gattis Gnome
23-Jul Marlins Dontrelle Willis 2005 All-Star bobblehead
23-Jul Rockies Star Wars Bobblehead
24-Jul Blue Jays Kevin Pillar
24-Jul Royals Wade Davis
26-Jul Dodgers Kenta Maeda
30-Jul Indians Thome HOF Inductee Bobblehead
30-Jul Marlins Alex Gonzalez 1999 All-Star bobblehead
30-Jul Rangers Franchise Four Quad Bobblehead
31-Jul Brewers Jimmy Nelson Bobblehead
31-Jul Giants Bruce Bochy Gnome
31-Jul Mets Mike Piazza
31-Jul Rangers Green Dot Bobblehead, 2 in a series of 3
31-Jul Twins Twins Vintage Bobblehead
1-Aug Cubs Kris Bryant “Rookie of the Year” Award Bobblehead
5-Aug Mariners Ken Griffey Jr. Hall of Fame Bobblehead
6-Aug Cardinals Vintage Cardinal Bobblehead
6-Aug Diamondbacks Zack Greinke
6-Aug Rays Longo Solar Gnome
6-Aug Rockies Bobblehead (unspecified)
7-Aug Yankees Didi Gregorius
9-Aug Cardinals Aaron Miles mini bobble (special tix)
9-Aug Dodgers Howie Kendrick
9-Aug Red Sox Ortiz Talking Bobblehead
11-Aug Pirates Jung Ho Kang bobblehead
13-Aug Indians Bob Feller
13-Aug Marlins Cliff Floyd 2001 All-Star bobblehead
14-Aug Blue Jays Stieb, Hentgen, and Halladay Trio Bobblehead
14-Aug Brewers Craig Counsell Player/Manager Bobblehead
14-Aug Dodgers Magic Johnson Gnome
14-Aug Giants Hunter Pence Solar Bobblebody
14-Aug Rangers Adrian Beltre Removable Helmet Bobblehead
16-Aug Cubs Joe Maddon “Manager of the Year” Award Bobblehead
18-Aug Braves Andruw Jones “Spiderman Catch” bobblehead
20-Aug Orioles Orioles Bobblehead (TBA)
20-Aug Phillies Harry Kalas Replica Statue
21-Aug Mariners Taijuan “Sky” Walker Bobblehead
21-Aug Rays Raymond and DJ Kitty Double Bobblehead
21-Aug Rockies Bobblehead (unspecified)
23-Aug Cardinals Chris Carpenter mini bobble (special tix)
25-Aug Dodgers Bobblehead #9
26-Aug Cardinals Bob Gibson Hall of Fame Red Jacket Statue
26-Aug Giants Bill Graham “Father Time” bobblehead (special tix)
26-Aug Nationals Max Scherzer No-Hitter Bobblehead, Piece #2 of 2
27-Aug Astros Jose Altuve Gold Glove/Silver Slugger Bobblehead
27-Aug Marlins Jack McKeon 2004 All-Star bobblehead
27-Aug Mets Matt Harvey bobblehead
27-Aug Rangers Elvis “Landrus Calrissian” Star Wars Bobblehead
27-Aug White Sox Southpaw Star Wars Bobblehead (mascot)
28-Aug Giants Mike Krukow Bobblehead 30th anniversary of 20 win season
30-Aug Red Sox Bogaerts Bobblehead
31-Aug Phillies Phanatic Variant Bobblehead (specal tix required)
3-Sep A’s Jose Canseco Rookie of the Year Bobblehead
3-Sep Rangers Red Dot Bobblehead, 3 in a series of 3
3-Sep Rays Fan Vote Bobblehead
3-Sep Reds Super Saturday Bobblehead
3-Sep Royals Salvador Perez
4-Sep Rockies Bobblehead (unspecified)
8-Sep Yankees Yankees Peanuts Bobblehead
9-Sep Cardinals Eddie Gaedel Bobblehead
9-Sep Nationals Fan Choice Bobblehead
9-Sep Orioles Manny Machado Garden Gnome
10-Sep Astros George Springer “Outfield Wall Catch” Bobblehead
10-Sep Braves Chipper Jones “2000 All-Star Game” Bobblehead
10-Sep Marlins Gary Sheffield 1996 All-Star bobblehead
10-Sep Pirates Francisco Liriano bobblehead
10-Sep Yankees Dellin Betances
13-Sep Cardinals Jim Edmonds mini bobble (special tix)
16-Sep Cubs Kyle Shwarber “Home Run” Bobblehead
17-Sep Braves Bobby Cox “Carried Off” bobblehead
17-Sep Diamondbacks David Peralta
17-Sep Giants Tito Fuentes bobblehead (special tix req’d)
17-Sep Mets Bobblehead (unspecified)
17-Sep Orioles Orioles Bobblehead (TBA)
20-Sep Dodgers Bobblehead #10
24-Sep Marlins Jim Leyland 1998 All-Star bobblehead
27-Sep Cardinals Randy Flores mini bobble (special tix)
27-Sep Nationals Nationals Gnome/Elf (TBA)
30-Sep Nationals Nationals Branded Donkey or Elephant Figurine
1-Oct Cardinals David Eckstein Bobblehead
1-Oct Yankees Roger Maris

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