Programming Reminder

featured-dodgersTonight’s the night for the big PBS premiere of Ken Burns’ new documentary, “Jackie Robinson.” The two-parter airs on PBS at 9 and 11 pm (Eastern) tonight and tomorrow night. It also will be repeated a few more times over the next couple weeks (though not always at convenient times, like 2:30 am). All I’ve seen is the various promo trailers – nine different ones are posted on the PBS YouTube page. Several more are on the PBS website. They even showed them during Spring Training games this year.

Have you ever really wanted to see something but simultaneously feared you might be disappointed? I get that way with stories of monumental importance when they are made into movies and documentaries. I still have the movie “42” sitting on the shelf with my other DVDs still in its plastic wrapper. I want to watch it, but don’t want to feel let down. I feel the same way about books about Jackie Robinson. The first and best book I ever read about Robinson was the classic, Baseball’s Great Experiment, by Jules Tygiel. I have many other books by and about Robinson on my bookshelf. But I’m afraid they won’t be as good as Tygiel’s.

Nonetheless, I’ll try to remember to watch the PBS documentary tonight. Jackie’s that important.

~ baseballrebecca


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