Photo courtesy of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

April 13, 1978, was Reggie! candy bar day at Yankee Stadium. It was the Yankees’ home opener and Reggie Jackson‘s second year with the team. The giveaway that day was Reggie’s namesake candy.

In the bottom of the first, Reggie hit a 3-run home run off of the White Sox’ Wilbur Wood. As should have been expected, the crowd began throwing their Reggie bars onto the field and chanting “Reggie!” as Jackson rounded the bases. Presumably not all 44,667 fans in attendance threw them on the ground (some of the early arrivers probably ate them before or during the pre-game ceremonies for Maris and Mantle), but there were enough to require only a slight delay while the grounds crew scooped them all up.

The White Sox players were not amused. Later, Reggie would say that he was at first concerned that the fans did not like the candy bar. But they were just celebrating the home run and the beginning of their team’s World Series-winning season.

~ baseballrebecca


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