Dodgers Expand Global Reach

As you prepare for Memorial Day weekend and summer travel, keep in mind this great scene that happened at Dodger Stadium on Monday:


In February, Emirates airlines entered into a partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers and signed an agreement to be the “official airline sponsor” of the Dodgers. The airline also put its name on a club level lounge at the ballpark and the Dodgers put their name on a Dubai Little League team. The Dodgers also announced that they plan to send Adrian Gonzalez and other Dodgers personnel to visit the Emirates’ headquarters in Dubai and conduct a baseball clinic for local Little League teams. During the February press conference to announce this partnership, Peter Gruber, a member of the Dodgers’ ownership team, stated:

“The Dodgers provide emotional transportation for [their] audience, [their] fans, and of course Emirates provides physical transportation. The idea of this combination is one that is born because great brands like to associate with great brands.”

Emirates will begin a second daily flight between Dubai and Los Angeles beginning July 1st. Hence, their recent on-field promotion.

Happy travels!

~ baseballrebecca



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