MLB Fashion Police

Chris Sale, 2011 (photo by Keith Allison on Flickr)

I get you, Chris Sale.

Let’s be honest – who amongst us hasn’t, on occasion, felt like slashing their restrictive suit and tie or smashing their uncomfortable high heels with a sledge hammer? As someone who grew up going to Catholic school and having to wear a uniform (complete with navy blue knee socks and saddle shoes), I, too, have experienced the pain of ugly and uncomfortable uniforms. So, while most sports commentators faulted Chris Sale, I wondered if maybe there was more to the story than we were being told. Regardless, maybe it was just time for someone to stand up to the uniform madness that has been sweeping the country for quite some time. What baseball really needs is some fashion police.

For the record, several writers and media sites have counted down the ugliest uniforms, bolstering my sympathy for the players who must wear them. Here are just a few:

Some of the above articles are a few years old, but it just goes to show that our fascination with ugly uniforms goes back quite a way. Digging deeper into the issue, I found that ugly uniforms are nothing new. However, I do believe they are on the rise. There seem to be more and more uniform variations every year.

Current uniforms of the Chicago White Sox (source: Wikipedia)

Calling Sale a “fashion martyr,” stated that “He found the jerseys uncomfortable and accused the club of valuing marketing gimmicks over victories.” Has anyone ever stopped to think that as MLB has moved toward marketing schemes and attention-grabbing devices to sell more tickets and merchandise, maybe they forgot to ask the players how they felt about the many variations of uniforms? Perhaps it’s time to put a stop to the madness.

Maybe the minor leagues are to blame. After all, they’ve come up with some uniforms that are quite interesting. If I were the Commissioner of Baseball, I think I’d abandon attempts to do things like shorten the game and focus instead on banning scissors from all clubhouses – at least as an interim measure until we can cut back on ugly uniforms.

~ baseballrebecca






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