Save the Date: February 1-7, 2017

boletoscompraI’ve always wondered why there isn’t more advertising and tourism surrounding Mexican and Caribbean baseball leagues, especially for the Caribbean Series or Serie del Caribe. Well, this year Culiacán, Mexico, is doing just that. A website about the Serie del Caribe 2017 advertises tourist attractions in Culiacán and provides travel and lodging information. It also has information on the history of the Serie and a schedule for the 2017 competition. I’ve never seen this much information on the Caribbean Series this far in advance.

It’s all in Spanish, of course, so it may not be reaching all baseball fanatics. But it’s still totally cool.

The local Mexican League Team, Los Tomateros de Culiacán, are also gearing up for the series and have a YouTube video featuring one of the tourist attractions in the city, the Sinaloa Art Museo (Museo de Arte Sinaloa):


By the way, the Mexican League’s season just began last week.

Happy Fall Baseball Season!

~ baseballrebecca





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