From Baby Cakes to Jumbo Shrimp

5704On Monday, the Staten Island Yankees announced that they would not be changing their name after all. So, for the time being, the proposed names of Pizza Rats, Killer Bees, Heroes, Rock Pigeons or Bridge Trolls, can be forgotten. Nonetheless, as 2016 winds down and we start looking forward to 2017, here are few minor league team name changes that we can prepare ourselves for:



Old Name New Name
New Orleans Zephyrs New Orleans Baby Cakes
Jacksonville Suns Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp
Binghamton Mets Binghamton Rumble Ponies
Brevard County Manatees Florida Fire Frogs
High Desert Mavericks Down East Wood Ducks
Bakersfield Blaze Buies Creek Astros

Some of the name changes came about because of teams moving. For example, the Brevard County Manatees are moving from Melbourne, FL, to Kissimmee, FL, and, accordingly, changed their name. Like other teams, the ownership took it to a fan vote, which chose the Fire Frogs from among the finalist names that included the Dragonflies, Mud Kickers, Rodeo Clowns, Sorcerers, and Toucans.

With the California League contracted after the 2016 season ended, two new teams were awarded to the Carolina League. One is the Down East Wood Ducks (as opposed to the jacksonville_pnsxx1ap_1mir752iother proposed names of Eagles, Hamhawks, Hogzillas, and Shaggers). The other defunct California League Team, the Bakersfield Blaze, will be replaced with the new Carolina League team, the Buies Creek Astros.

Although staying put, fans of the Binghamton team were offered the choices of Bullheads, Gobblers, Rocking Horses, Stud Muffins, and Timber Jockeys, along with their ultimate pick, Rumble Ponies. Similarly, the New Orleans Zephyrs and Jacksonville Suns have changed their names to the Baby Cakes and Jumbo Shrimp, respectively.

Looking forward to a new year with new teams and names!

~ baseballrebecca



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