Mary Tyler Moore, Baseball Star

I have a few heroes outside of baseball, and Mary Tyler Moore was one of them. She inspired women, journalists, and pretty much everyone (including Oprah) to follow their dreams. But this is a blog about baseball, right?

Soon after her death on January 25th, the Minnesota Twins posted a video of Moore’s 2002 appearance at the Metrodome. She did a pretty decent job of throwing out that first pitch:


Ok, so that may be the only connection between baseball and MTM, but it got me thinking of how much both baseball and The Mary Tyler Moore show are ingrained in our culture. In fact, some time ago, when Freddy Garcia was still with the Mariners, there was a Mary Tyler Moore-esque Mariners promo featuring Garcia:

Mary Tyler Moore will live on in our hearts and in our baseball memories of her. We’re gonna make it after all.

~ baseballrebecca



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