Who Am I Watching?


How are we really expected to know who these two teams are at first glance?

It’s hard to be out of town and not be able to watch your favorite teams. It’s even harder when you turn on the hotel TV to watch baseball – any baseball, because you’re desperate for baseball – only to have your mind wander and forget what you’re watching. This recently happened to me as I was watching the Rangers and Angels this past weekend.

Of course, these aren’t my favorite teams, so I wasn’t watching as closely as I usually do when it comes to baseball. And, granted, I’m used to watching the Orioles and the Nationals on a regular basis, so these weren’t players I am completely familiar with. So, its only natural, I suppose, that at one point I looked up on the screen an had no idea who I was watching.

Excuses noted above, aside, I blame this thoroughly on the two teams themselves and the uniforms they were wearing. Although they were wearing the traditional home-white and away-gray uniforms, they were wearing essentially the same colors. Shouldn’t there be a rule about both teams wearing the same color hats? Whatever happened to the Rangers’ blue uniforms? Why did they need to add that splash of red to their wardrobe?

These aren’t the only teams I have difficulties watching. Being a Nats fan, this can be particularly problematic. There’s nothing worse than when the Nats are playing the Cardinals or the Reds and everyone decides to wear red. This really isn’t as much a problem with the Orioles, although I was thoroughly confused at times last year when they played the Giants.

With all the alternate and specialty uniforms they have these days, you’d think they could find a way to avoid this. After all, haven’t they ever had to worry about showing up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else?

As for that Rangers-Angels game, I could only tell who was who when I really paid attention. And when Darvish turned around so I could read his jersey.

~ baseballrebecca


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