Stat-urday, 1/6/2018

Stat-urday with the Baseball Sociologist returns! With the beginning of baseball season for the Professional Baseball League of Puerto Rico, I wanted to share two important sites for relevant data:171004164139-getty-puerto-rico-flag-house-brought-down-by-hurricane-full-169_0

(1) – This website provides a wealth of information on the current stats and status of a variety of services in Puerto Rico, such as the status of health centers and the number of schools currently operational. It also shows progress toward various goals. In particular, the page for Puerto Rico Se Levanta provides stats for various businesses and services and how things have changed since September.

(2) – MLB’s page on Caribbean Baseball and Winter Leagues provides a variety of types of data for la Liga de Beisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente and other leagues. You can search by type of stats and year.

~ baseballrebecca


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