Pepper Street


Robinson home at 121 Pepper Street, Pasadena, CA (photo courtesy of Hulton Archive via Getty Images)

The city of Pasadena, CA, is alive with memories of Jackie Robinson – if you know where to look. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, GA, on January 31, 1919. A year later his family moved to Pasadena. Along with another family, Jackie’s mother purchased a home at 121 Pepper Street. She would become sole owner a few years later.

Unfortunately, the house at 121 Pepper Street was torn down in the 1970s. In its place now stands a contemporary house built in 1977 on 123 Pepper Street (which is img_1638currently on the market for a mere $649,000). Outside the house, if you look down on the sidewalk, is a small plaque marking the location as the place the Robinsons once lived.

But that’s not the only place in Pasadena where you can find Jackie’s influence. Tune in on Thursday for more info!

~ baseballrebecca


Views of 123 Pepper Street, Pasadena, CA (February 2018)



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