Films on Fridays: The Ubiquitous Yankees


A-Rod in 2008 (wearing one of those shirts), photo courtesy of Keith Allison (via Wikipedia)

One of the most popular bands of all time in Spain, is Hombres G, headed by David Summers (not pictured on the right). I mean seriously popular. They’ve literally been called “the Beatles of Spain.” They also happen to be one of my absolute most favorite bands. Ever. I’ve been following Hombres G since the 1980s, and their popularity has grown exponentially since then.

Of course, even they have fallen prey to the dreaded Yankees. Here’s a clip of the band performing in 2016 in New York. And David Summers is wearing one of those shirts (also pictured on the right):

He did not wear a Washington Nationals or a Baltimore Orioles shirt at their concert in Silver Spring, Maryland, a few days later. What’s up with that? Maybe I’ll have to send him a shirt in time for this year’s concert.

If you want to actually hear the song, here’s an official video from the band from a 2015 concert in Madrid. What, no Yankees shirt, David?

Happy Friday!

~ baseballrebecca

PS Let me know what you think of my new Friday feature: Films on Fridays. I’ve been pretty much posting videos on Fridays anyway, so I figured I’d make it official!


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