LGBT Pride Month

NightOUTNationals_2018June is LGBT Pride Month and this year 23 MLB teams will be hosting pride celebrations. Some teams are having their first-ever pride nights, such as the Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Tomorrow is Night Out at the Nationals. One couple that support pride celebrations is Washington Nationals’ Sean Doolittle and wife Eireann Dolan, dubbed Washington’s “most woke” couple by the Washington Post. In fact, a few years ago when Doolittle’s former team, the Oakland Athletics, announced their pride night, the two stepped in to buy the tickets from disgruntled fans and give them along with the proceeds to the Bay Area LGBTQ youth center.

Check out Doolittle and Dolan’s thoughts about their first Pride Night with the Nationals at the Nats’ Facebook page. And watch last year’s interview with Dolan below:

~ baseballrebecca