Patriotism at the Park

DSCN6251If you’re still in that 4th of July mood, never fear. There is more patriotism waiting for you at your local baseball park. Throughout the season, many teams have Military Appreciation Nights and special events to honor veterans and members of the various branches of the U.S. military. Such events often include demonstrations by military drill teams and other groups, and almost always include a member of the military singing the national anthem.

Check out the schedule below for the list of Military Appreciation Nights scheduled for July through September. This list includes all dates scheduled for Major League teams and a selection of Minor League teams as well.

Happy 5th of July!

~ baseballrebecca

Date Event Team
3-Jul Military Appreciation Night A’s
3-Jul Navy Appreciation Night Rangers
4-Jul Salute to Veterans Phillies
4-Jul Air Force Appreciation Night Rangers
8-Jul Armed Forces Appreciation Day Twins
14-Jul Military Appreciation Day White Sox
15-Jul Military Appreciation Day Rockies
28-Jul Military Appreciation Night Richmond
29-Jul U.S. Army & Army National Guard Appreciation Day Padres
31-Jul U.S. Marine Corps Day Nationals
2-Aug Navy Day White Sox
4-Aug U.S. Coast Guard Day Nationals
9-Aug Military Appreciation Night Aberdeen
15-Aug Military Appreciation Night Cardinals
16-Aug Coast Guard Appreciation Night Rangers
18-Aug Military Appreciation Night Trenton
2-Sep U.S. Air Force & Air National Guard Appreciation Day Padres
9-Sep Military Appreciation Day White Sox
11-Sep Armed Forces Night Royals
20-Sep U.S. Air Force Day Nationals
30-Sep Salute to Veterans Padres
Mondays Military Monday Norfolk