2018 Heritage & Community Days, Part 1


Island Luau Night at the Bowie Baysox

We may have missed Armenian Night at the Tigers, which happened July 7, but there are plenty of heritage and community nights left at ballparks around the country this summer. So, if you’re Greek, German, Polynesian, Nordic, Arab American, or a member, friend, or supporter of several other groups, you might want to mark your calendar for one of the nights below. In addition, in case you missed Pride Night at your local ballpark, there are two more scheduled for August: at the Cardinals (August 17) and the White Sox (August 31).

Later this week I’ll report on the remaining Latino nights, religious-themed nights, and, of course, bobblehead nights.

~ baseballrebecca

Date Event Team
11-Jul Greek Heritage Night White Sox
13-Jul Japan Night Dodgers
13-Jul German Heritage Night Padres
13-15-Jul African American Heritage Weekend Pirates
19-Jul Italian Night Binghamton
20-Jul Italian Heritage Celebration Phillies
26-Jul Irish Community Night Reds
27-Jul Polynesian Heritage Night Giants
28-Jul Greek Heritage Night Padres
27-28-Jul Hawaiian Weekend Angels
2-Aug African American Heritage Night Dodgers
3-Aug African American Heritage Night Brewers
4-Aug Italian Heritage Night A’s
7-Aug African American Heritage Night A’s
8-Aug Polish Night at the Park Syracuse
11-Aug Filipino Heritage Night Padres
13-Aug Japanese Community Night Padres
16-Aug Irish Heritage Night Binghamton
17-Aug Korean Heritage Night Rangers
18-Aug Irish Fest Pirates
21-Aug Salute to Native American Night Mariners
21-Aug Augtobersfest Richmond
23-Aug Diversity Day Twins
24-Aug Italian Heritage Night Giants
27-Aug Irish Heritage Night 2 Giants
30-Aug Polynesian Night Dodgers
31-Aug Filipino Heritage Night A’s
31-Aug Nordic Heritage Night Padres
1-Sep Pacific Islander Heritage Night Padres
4-Sep Korean Night Dodgers
7-Sep Korean Heritage Night A’s
7-Sep African American Community Night Reds
8-Sep Taste of the World International Food Festival Nationals
12-Sep German Community Day Reds
15-Sep German Heritage Celebration Phillies
18-Sep Irish Heritage Celebration Phillies
21-Sep Portuguese Heritage Night A’s
21-Sep Oktoberfest Rangers
21-Sep Irish Heritage Night Tigers
22-Sep Oktoberfest Pirates
22-Sep Arab American Night Tigers
24-Sep Filipino Heritage Night 2 Giants
26-Sep Oktoberfest Giants
28-Sep African American Heritage Night Giants
28-Sep Native American Heritage Night Padres


Island Luau Night at the Bowie Baysox