Films on Friday: Let’s Go Mets

Thirty-two years ago, the New York Mets released their official theme song for their run to the 1986 World Series, Let’s Go Mets. The video for the song included Mets players, bobbleheads, and Joe Piscopo, among others. The song itself became a gold record and the video went triple platinum. Of course, let’s not forget it was the follow-up to their first non-award winning tune, Get Metsmerized.

Happy Friday!

~ baseballrebecca


Best of the Week: 8/19/18-8/25/18

Matthew Crownover of the Potomac Nationals threw the first no-hitter in P-Nats history last night! The P-Nats won the game 7-0. Check out the video below.

Congrats, P-Nats, congrats, Matthew!

Stat-urday, 8/25/2018


Cal Ripken in 2007, photo by Keith Allison via Wikipedia

Cal Ripken, Jr., turned 58 yesterday. In his 21 years as an Oriole, Cal amassed a lot of games, hits, and runs. Here are just a few of his MLB stats:

  • Number of teams played for: 1
  • Consecutive games played: 2,632
  • Total games played: 3,001
  • At bats: 11,551
  • Hits: 3,184
  • Doubles: 603
  • Triples: 44
  • Home runs: 431
  • Walks: 1,129
  • Intentional walks: 107
  • RBIs: 1,695
  • Double plays: 1,682
  • Stolen bases: 36
  • Strikeouts: 70
  • Caught stealing: 39
  • All-star games: 19 (every year, 1983 to 2001)
  • All-star game MVP awards: 2
  • American League MVP awards: 2
  • Silver Slugger awards: 8
  • Lifetime batting average: .276

Cal also spent four years in the minor leagues playing for the Bluefield Orioles (1978), the Miami Orioles (1979), the Charlotte Orioles (1979-80), and the Rochester Red Wings (1981). He played 443 games as a minor leaguer, with 1,652 at bats, 463 hits, and 56 home runs. His batting average in the minors was .280.

Happy Birthday, Cal!

~ baseballrebecca

Youppi! Makes History


Youppi! (Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia)

On August 23, 1989, the Montreal Expos’ mascot, Youppi!, became the first MLB mascot to be ejected from a game. In the 11th inning of a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Youppi! leapt on top of the visiting team’s dugout, landing noisily and annoying Tommy Lasorda. Lasorda complained to the umpires who ejected Youppi!

Youppi! (whose name is French for “yippee!”) was allowed to return to the game later, but was confined to the home team dugout. The Expos eventually lost the game 1-0 in the 22nd inning.

Youppi’s MLB career came to an end when the team relocated to Washington, DC, for the 2005 season. However, Youppi! continued his career with Montreal Canadiens where he has been the mascot since 2005. Youppi! is the only mascot to sign with two teams in different major sports leagues.

~ baseballrebecca

Best of the Week: 8/12/18 – 8/18/18

On Monday, Touki Toussaint made his Major League debut. He struck out four batters and got the win. Just last month, Toussaint had appeared in the All-Star Futures Game. Congrats, Touki!

~ baseballrebecca