Life Size Bobbleheads

img_1629On August 3, in addition to handing out Jamey Carroll bobbleheads to the first 1,000 fans, the Harrisburg Senators will induct Carroll into their Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame – or, as they call it, The One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame. I have not been there yet (2019 road trip?), but The One & Only World Famous, Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame currently includes: Vladimir Guerrero, Cliff Floyd, Bryce Harper, Matt Stairs, Brandon Phillips, and Stephen Strasburg.

I really haven’t explored the concept of life size bobbleheads, but it seems like they really aren’t that rare. For example, the Orioles have a life size bobblehead of the Oriole Bird at their Spring Training stadium in Sarasota; the Angels have their life size Mike Trout bobblehead; and the Dodgers have those life size bobbleheads outside the stadium. And is the life size Tommy Lasorda bobblehead still at the Dodgers’ Spring Training Facility in Arizona?

I think this calls for a full-scale Baseball Sociologist investigation. Let me know if you’ve seen other life size baseball bobbleheads and where!

~ baseballrebecca

Baltimore Orioles Spring Training

4 thoughts on “Life Size Bobbleheads

  1. Partway down on this page I have a picture of Harrisburg’s Bobblehead Hall of Fame from April. They repainted them over the off-season, as last year the first three (Vlad, Cliff Floyd, Bryce Harper) were looking a bit rough from the elements. And, given where they sit on the concourse, they can (and do) take hits from foul balls. They’re cute, and people like to get pictures with them.


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