Stat-urday, 4/27/2019

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Josh Willingham with the Washington Nationals in 2009 (photo by Adam Fagen, courtesy of Wikipedia)

On Tuesday we commemorated the 20th anniversary of the game in which Fernando Tatis, Sr., hit two grand slams in one inning – which is pretty monumental. But how many players have even hit two in one game?

Only thirteen – and the last time it was done was ten years ago when Josh Willingham hit a grand slam in both the 5th and 6th innings for the Nationals. Perhaps more importantly (at least if you’re an O’s fan), how many Orioles have hit two grand slams in one game? Three: Jim Gentile in 1961, Frank Robinson in 1970, and Chris Hoiles in 1998. Thanks to the Baseball Almanac, the complete list appears below.

Happy Stat-urday!

~ baseballrebecca

Player Team Date Innings
Tony Lazzeri New York 5/24/1936 2nd and 5th
Jim Tabor Boston 7/4/1939 3rd and 6th
Rudy York Boston 7/27/1946 2nd and 5th
Jim Gentile Baltimore 5/9/1961 1st and 2nd
Tony Cloninger Atlanta 7/3/1966 1st and 4th
Jim Northrup Detroit 6/24/1968 5th and 6th
Frank Robinson Baltimore 6/26/1970 5th and 6th
Robin Ventura Chicago 9/4/1995 4th and 5th
Chris Hoiles Baltimore 8/14/1998 3rd and 8th
Fernando Tatis St. Louis 4/23/1999 3rd and 3rd
Nomar Garciaparra Boston 5/10/1999 1st and 8th
Bill Mueller Boston 7/29/2003 7th and 8th
Josh Willingham Washington 7/27/2009 5th and 6th