June Heritage Celebrations

Image result for asian american heritage month site:.govEven though Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is coming to a close, we can still celebrate Asians, Pacific Islanders, and individuals of other backgrounds and nationalities. June is right around the corner, so here’s a reminder of the Heritage Celebrations coming up next month:


Date Team Event
1-Jun Pirates Heritage Night/Negro Leagues Uniforms
1-Jun D’backs Native American Recognition Day
7-Jun Brewers Negro Leagues Tribute Game
8-Jun Padres Irish Heritage Night
11-Jun Giants Portuguese Heritage Night
11-Jun White Sox Greek Heritage Night
12-Jun Phillies Irish Heritage Night
13-Jun Red Sox Jewish Pride Night
13-Jun White Sox Polish Heritage Night
14-Jun Marlins Italian Heritage Celebration
15-Jun Marlins Nicaraguan Heritage Celebration
18-Jun Padres Scottish Heritage Night
19-Jun Cardinals African American Heritage Night
19-Jun Dodgers African American Heritage Night
20-Jun A’s African American Heritage Night
20-Jun Mariners Italian Heritage Night
21-Jun Dodgers Filipino Night
21-Jun Royals Viva Los Reales
23-Jun Mariners Japanese Heritage Day
23-Jun Royals Salute to the Negro Leagues Day
24-Jun Red Sox Catholic Night
28-Jun Reds African American Community Night
30-Jun Marlins Venezuelan Heritage Celebration