Films on Friday: Harvey Haddix

Harvey Haddix with the Cardinals in 1953 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Sunday marks the 60th anniversary of the game in which Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Harvey Haddix took a perfect game into the 13th inning against the Milwaukee Braves. He’d retired 13 consecutive Braves in 12 innings, but the Braves pitcher Lew Burdette also had allowed no runs. Unfortunately, a fielding error by the third baseman in the bottom of the 13th allowed the first Braves batter to reach base. After a sacrifice bunt and an intentional walk (to none other than Hank Aaron), Haddix allowed a hit that resulted in the Braves winning 2-0. Despite the loss, the game has been called “The Greatest Game Ever Pitched.”

Haddix was signed by the Cardinals in 1947 and made his Major League debut in 1952. He also  played for the Philadelphia Phillies (1956-57), Cincinnati Redlegs (1958), Pittsburgh Pirates (1959-63), and Baltimore Orioles (1964-65).

Haddix’ feat was immortalized by the Baseball Project in what is one of the greatest songs ever written. Check out the song out below from Soundcloud and a video of the Baseball Project performing it a few years ago.

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Llévame al juego de beisbol

On Sunday we went to see Las Piñatas de Erie (also know as the Erie SeaWolves) at Los Cangrejos Fantasmas de Chesapeake (also known as the Bowie Baysox) in Bowie’s first Copa de la Diversión game of the season. During the 7th Inning Stretch, we sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in Spanish. It was awesome!

So that you can sing along when you attend a Copa game, I’ve posted the lyrics below and a version to sing along with!

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Llévame al juego de beisbol

Llévame a la multitud

Compremos manies y unos cracker jack

No me importa si vuelvo jamás

Apoyemos a nuestro equipo

Y si no ganan también

Porque es un, dos, tres y ponchado en el juego de beisbol

(y repitan)

And to be truly bilingual:

Baseball in the Navy

Admiral Chester Nimitz throwing out the first ball in an exhibition baseball game in Oahu, Hawaii, 1942. Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and as I was researching baseball and the military I stumbled upon a few really cool photos. I’ll post more about baseball players we lost in times of war on Monday. For now, enjoy these cool photos.

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UA 569.26 Nancy Noyes Collection

Sailors playing baseball on the deck of an U.S. Navy aircraft carrier (sometime between 1947 and 1963). Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command.


A baseball exhibition game is held at "Gab-Gab" Fleet Recreation Area, Guam, July 1945. Note the close proximity of warships in the harbor. Courtesy FADM Nimitz.

Baseball exhibition game at at the U.S. Navy Fleet Recreation Area, Guam, July 1945. Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

The First Hawaiian Major Leaguer

Johnnie Williams baseball.jpg

Johnnie Williams in 1914 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

The first Hawaiian Major Leaguer was Johnnie Williams.  Williams was born in 1889 in Honolulu; his father was British and his mother was Hawaiian.

Williams began his professional baseball career pitching for Sacramento Sacts in the Pacific Coast League in 1911. He made his Major League debut on April 20, 1914. Between April and August that year, Williams appeared in four games, pitching 11.1 innings with a 6.35 ERA. According to the Society of American Baseball Research, the main reason Williams played so few games with Detroit is that he had contracted Malaria during Spring Training in Gulfport, Mississippi.

In 1915, Williams returned to the PCL playing for the Los Angeles Angels and the Salt Lake City Bees. In 1916, he played for the St. Joseph Drummers of the Western League.

Williams joined the Hawaiian Infantry in 1917. Upon his return to Hawaii in 1919, he lead team of Hawaiian all-stars that traveled to Japan. Williams later played in the Hawaiian Baseball League.

Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Month!

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2019 Heritage Nights at the Ballpark, Part 2

17991985_10210450229270161_7373124005593779385_nLast week I posted the first half of the my annual celebrations of our many national, ethnic, and religious heritages. I’ve posted the second half below. So get out there and celebrate your heritage and the heritage of your friends and neighbors!

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African American Heritage Celebrations and Negro Leagues Tributes

Date Team Details
16-Apr Nationals Jackie Robinson and Black Heritage Day
1-Jun Pirates Heritage Night/Negro Leagues Uniforms
7-Jun Brewers Negro Leagues Tribute Game
19-Jun Cardinals African American Heritage Night
19-Jun Dodgers African American Heritage Night
20-Jun A’s African American Heritage Night
23-Jun Royals Salute to the Negro Leagues Day
28-Jun Reds African American Community Night
23-Jul Giants African American Heritage Night
10-Aug Tigers 100th Anniversary Detroit Stars Replica Jersey


Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Celebrations

8-Apr Giants Chinese Heritage Night
21-Apr Marlins Japanese Heritage Celebration
21-May Giants Filipino Heritage Night 1
24-May Giants Japanese Heritage Night
21-Jun Dodgers Filipino Night
23-Jun Mariners Japanese Heritage Day
19-Jul Giants Polynesian Heritage Night
Jul-19 Dodgers Japan Night
26-Jul A’s Pacific Islander Heritage Night
29-Jul Padres Japanese Community Night
1-Aug Dodgers Korea Night
2-Aug Dodgers Hawaiian Night
6-Aug Mariners Korean Heritage Night
10-Aug Padres Filipino Heritage Night
15-Aug Rangers Hawaiian Heritage Night
16-Aug A’s Korean Heritage Night
20-Aug A’s Chinese Heritage Night
23-Aug Mariners Filipino Heritage Night
7-Sep Padres Pacific Islander Heritage Night


Native American Heritage Celebrations

Date Team Details
14-May Giants Native American Heritage Night
1-Jun D’backs Native American Recognition Day
30-Jul A’s Native American Heritage Night
12-Sep Mariners Salute to Native American Night


Heritage Celebrations for Other Folks

Date Team Details
29-May Phillies Greek Heritage Night
31-May A’s Greek Heritage Night
11-Jun Giants Portuguese Heritage Night
18-Jun Padres Scottish Heritage Night
24-Jun Red Sox Catholic Night
26-Jul Padres Catholic Night
27-Jul A’s Portuguese Heritage Night
6-Aug Tigers Arab American Night
10-Aug Tigers Armenian Tigers Fan Night
15-Aug A’s Indian Heritage Night
27-Aug Padres Portuguese Heritage Night
14-Sep Nationals Taste of the World International Food Festival
27-Sep Giants Greek Heritage Night




Best of the Week: 5/12/2019 – 5/18/2019

Once again, the Best of the Week involves Adam Jones. The D-backs put together a nice video of his work:

And let’s not forget the night he pied himself this week:

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Seems like David Peralta and I love Pie!!!🥧🥧🥧🥧

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Stat-urday, 5/18/2019 two rain outs in a row in New York this week, I started wondering how the weather has affected games and attendance this year, and stumbled upon an interesting article about MLB attendance being down for the sixth straight year. Last year, they tried to blame it on the weather, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

Below are the stats for this year’s attendance so far, courtesy of A whopping 18 teams have lower attendance this year than for the same time last year.

What do you think is causing the drop in attendance and what should MLB do about it?

Average Attendance per Game
Miami 9,516
Tampa Bay 14,540
Baltimore 14,972
Cleveland 15,285
Kansas City 15,525
Pittsburgh 15,717
Detroit 16,359
Cincinnati 17,124
Chicago White Sox 17,362
Minnesota 19,151
Oakland 19,541
Toronto 19,841
Seattle 23,066
Arizona 26,560
Washington 26,908
Texas 27,698
New York Mets 28,219
Atlanta 29,457
San Diego 30,454
Houston 31,941
San Francisco 32,669
Colorado 32,919
Milwaukee 33,079
Boston 33,902
Los Angeles Angels 34,866
Chicago Cubs 35,998
Philadelphia 36,130
New York Yankees 39,316
St. Louis 41,449
Los Angeles Dodgers 47,346

Happy Stat-urday!

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