An Astronaut’s First Pitch

Astronaut Kjell Lindgren Nationals First PitchIn 2016,  the Washington Nationals’ Presidents donned “space helmets” and moon walked to the finish line of their 4th inning race in honor of a visit by a NASA astronaut.

Just back from spending 141 days on the International Space Station, astronaut Kjell Lindgren visited Nats Park on April 26, 2016. He threw out the first pitch, watched the Presidents’ race  from the finish line, and posed for photos with dignitaries, including the Nationals’ mascot, Screech.

Given the team’s proximity to the U.S. Capitol and NASA Headquarters, the Washington Nationals often host politicians, government officials, and the occasional astronaut. But rarely do the Presidents wear tin foil space helmets!

~ baseballrebecca

Kjell Lindgren at Nationals Park, 2016. (All photos courtesy of NASA.)