August Heritage Celebrations

Not that we ever need an excuse to go to the ballpark, but listed below are the Heritage Nights happening in August – and it might not count as a “heritage celebration,” but don’t forget Walter Johnson Day on Friday!

Date Team Event
1-Aug Dodgers Korea Night
2-Aug Dodgers Hawaiian Night
3-Aug A’s Italian Heritage Night
6-Aug Mariners Korean Heritage Night
6-Aug Tigers Arab American Night
9-Aug Padres Italian Heritage Night
10-Aug Padres Filipino Heritage Night
10-Aug Tigers 100th Anniversary Detroit Stars Replica Jersey
10-Aug Tigers Armenian Tigers Fan Night
15-Aug Rangers Hawaiian Heritage Night
15-Aug Reds Irish Community Night
15-Aug A’s Indian Heritage Night
16-Aug A’s Korean Heritage Night
20-Aug A’s Chinese Heritage Night
21-Aug A’s Jewish Heritage Night
23-Aug Mariners Filipino Heritage Night
24-Aug Marlins Dominican Heritage Celebration
26-Aug Phillies Jewish Heritage Celebration
27-Aug Padres Portuguese Heritage Night
27-Aug Tigers Italian Heritage Night
27-Aug Giants Jewish Heritage Night
30-Aug Rangers Korean Heritage Night
30-Aug Giants Italian Heritage Night



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