Stat-urday, 8/3/2019: World Baseball Rankings

File:2020 Summer Olympics logo new.svgLast week I noted the world rankings for the teams participating in this year’s Pan Am Games. Below are the top 30 men’s baseball teams and the top 14 women’s teams. (Follow the links in the top row of the table for information on all teams – and if you need information on what the Olympic codes are for each country, Wikipedia has that covered!) The top 12 men’s teams will compete this November in the WBSC Premier12® 2020 Olympic Qualifier.

How does your country rank?

Rank Men’s Baseball Women’s Baseball
1 Japan Japan
2 USA Canada
3 Korea Chinese Taipei
4 Chinese Taipei USA
5 Cuba Venezuela
6 Mexico Australia
7 Australia Cuba
8 Netherlands Korea
9 Venezuela Dominican Republic
10 Canada Hong Kong
11 Puerto Rico Netherlands
12 Dominican Republic Puerto Rico
13 Panama India
14 Colombia Pakistan
15 Nicaragua Tied for 15th: Basically everyone else
16 Italy  
17 Brazil  
18 Czech Republic  
19 Israel  
20 China  
21 Argentina  
22 Germany  
23 Republic of South Africa  
24 Pakistan  
25 France  
26 Spain  
27 Austria  
28 Hong Kong  
29 Russia  
30 Belgium  


Happy Stat-urday!

~ baseballrebecca