Stat-urday, 8/17/2019

File:Anthony Santander 2018 (cropped).jpg

To research the multi-day post I wrote on Anthony Santander, I pieced together information from several difference statistical sources. Here’s where you can find that and other information on your favorite players:

Transactions: If you want to know when a player signed with a certain team, when they were on the DL, demoted, or promoted, you can find a nice, easy to read at the bottom of their player page on The Baseball Cube also has clear, easy-to-read information on transactions. For example, check out Santander’s transactions (and stats) from those two sites:

Days with the Team: This transactions lists rarely explain everything that happened. Sometimes, they can be recalled to the MLB team and sent back down all in one day. It’s helpful to know not only how many games they played while on a certain, but also the exact dates they were there. For example, with Anthony, he was with the O’s for the required 44-45 days in 2017, but he only got to play in 13 days. (Too bad Rule 5 doesn’t address days spent sitting on the bench.) The “Teams Played For” table near the bottom of a player’s page shows the exact dates a player was with a team, like this page for Santander:

Minor League Stats: A good place to find a players’ minor league stats is at – at least for current players and players recently called up. Baseball Reference also includes minor league and foreign league stats, if you toggle the tables to include them. Sometimes you can just google the players’ name and “foreign stats” or “minor league status” to more easily find them. These are the best sites I found for Anthony Santander’s non-MLB experience:

And here are Santader’s stats as reported by Baseball Reference (which they conveniently let you download into an Excel spreadsheet or .CSV file!):

Level G R H 2B 3B HR RBI BA
MLB (3 seasons) 96 38 86 19 2 9 39 0.263
Minors (8 seasons) 483 290 498 138 5 61 295 0.27
Foreign (2 seasons) 62 26 48 13 2 5 25 0.236
All Levels (8 Seasons) 659 362 647 174 10 76 374 0.265
AAA (2 seasons) 59 33 58 18 0 7 35 0.245
AA (2 seasons) 69 39 73 14 3 10 36 0.282
A+ (2 seasons) 129 90 147 42 0 20 95 0.291
A (3 seasons) 168 89 152 38 1 16 83 0.241
A- (2 seasons) 15 12 21 11 0 4 14 0.356

Happy Stat-urday!

~ baseballrebecca




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