Little Leaguers’ Parade

The Little League World Series continues this week, with the final games on Sunday. Which reminds me, I never posted my pictures of Little League Day at the Phillies, which happened on June 23.

The Little Leaguers needed to be at the stadium about 3 hours before the game even started. It was a hot, sunny day, though it wasn’t too bad in the sun. But by the time they reached the doors to the field, those Little Leaguers were ready to go, and they kept inching forward until they finally got the green light to head out:

They poured out of that outfield door and kept on coming as many, many Little Leaguers circled the field:

Their trip around the field was over all too soon, and they had to leave the field:


But I’m guessing it was a moment they aren’t likely to forget soon!

~ baseballrebecca