September Heritage Celebrations

One month of baseball still left to play! And a lot more Heritage Celebrations coming up in September. Here is a list of the events:

Date Team Event
6-Sep White Sox Hispanic Heritage Night
7-Sep Padres Pacific Islander Heritage Night
7-Sep Marlins Mexican Heritage Celebration
8-Sep A’s Latinx Heritage Day
12-Sep Mariners Salute to Native American Night
12-Sep Phillies German Heritage Celebration
13-Sep Giants Fiesta Gigantes Night
14-Sep Nationals Oktoberfest
14-Sep Nationals Taste of the World International Food Festival
14-Sep D’backs Hispanic Heritage Day
15-Sep Nationals Jewish Community Day
15-Sep Cardinals Fiesta Cardenales
15-Sep Cubs Hispanic Heritage Night
15-Sep Mariners Salute to Latin American Beisbol Day
16-Sep A’s Mexican Heritage Night
16-Sep Brewers Hispanic Heritage Night
17-Sep A’s Irish Heritage Night
20-Sep A’s Filipino Heritage Night
20-Sep Orioles O’stoberfest
20-Sep Tigers Jewish Heritage Night
20-Sep Dodgers Dia de Los Dodgers
20-Sep Padres Hispanic Heritage Weekend
21-Sep Reds German Community Night
21-Sep Astros Hispanic Heritage Street Festival
21-Sep Astros Hispanic Heritage Street Festival
21-Sep Padres Hispanic Heritage Weekend
22-Sep Padres Hispanic Heritage Weekend
24-Sep Giants Oktoberfest
25-Sep Giants Filipino Heritage Night 2
26-Sep Nationals Roberto Clemente and Hispanic Heritage Day
27-Sep Giants Greek Heritage Night
28-Sep Mariners Oktoberfest