MLB Strikeouts Record

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Tom Cheney’s 1957 baseball card

On this date in 1962, the Washington Senators beat the Baltimore Orioles 2-1 in a 16-inning game. Senators pitcher Tom Cheney struck out 21 Orioles, setting an MLB record for strikeouts in a regular season game. These are the Orioles that struck out:

  1. Jerry Adair
  2. Russ Snyder (struck out 3 times)
  3. Brooks Robinson
  4. Jim Gentile (also struck out 3 times)
  5. Dave Nicholson (3 strike outs)
  6. Hobie Landrith
  7. Jackie Brandt
  8. Marv Breeding (3 strike outs)
  9. Dick Williams
  10. Milt Pappas (2 strike outs)
  11. Dick Hall (3 strike outs)

The orioles that didn’t strike out? Boog Bowell, Jackie Brandt (1 at bat), Charlie Lau (1 at bat), and relievers Billy Hoeft and Wes Stock. The 1962 Orioles ended up having a 78-84 record, finishing in seventh place in the American League.

If it makes O’s fans feel any better, four years later, the Baltimore Orioles went on to win the World Series. (Ok, that really didn’t make me feel any better.)

~ baseballrebecca