The Browns’ Final Game in St. Louis

Sportsman’s Park, ca. 1902 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Tomorrow marks the 66th anniversary of the St. Louis Browns’ final game in St. Louis and in Sportsman’s Park. (They would relocate to Baltimore and become the Baltimore Orioles in 1954). The game, attended by only 3,174 people, was also their 100th loss of the season. Though it went 11 innings, the game lasted only 2 hours and 14 minutes. The game featured Chicago White Sox greats, Minnie Miñoso and Nellie Fox, and no one I’ve heard of for the St. Louis Browns. Both pitchers – Chicago’s Billy Pierce and St. Louis’ Duane Pillette, pitched the entire 11 innings.

The Browns finished the season on that day with a record of 54-100. They wouldn’t fare much better the next year as the Baltimore Orioles. The finished the 1954 season with the same exact record (54-100), though they would slowly improve until their first winning record as the O’s in 1960.

It’s hard not to draw parallels to the current Baltimore Orioles. They played their last home game of the season last Sunday, drawing a crowd of 17,540. After that game, their record was 51-105, slightly worse than the 1953 Browns. Does this mean they’ll improve in a few years? One can only hope. (But I’m still mad they traded Manny.)

~ baseballrebecca