So What Do You Do In the Off-Season?

img_2439It’s that time of year when non-baseball fans start asking, “So what do you do in the off-season?” Not only is this question inappropriate because we are only in the beginning of the post season and still have a couple week before the World Series even starts, but if one wants to find baseball, it can always be found. There never really needs to be an off-season for baseball fans.

In response to this annoying question, I generally start babbling about La Liga Mexicana del Pacifico and the Caribbean Series. That’s usually enough to get people’s eyes start to glaze over and begin to regret asking. Mission accomplished.

But those who know anything about baseball, know that baseball can always be found. Not only has the Arizona Fall League been going on since September 18, the Fall Stars Game is happening this Saturday. And the AFL Championship Game will be held on October 26.

Not that its easy to get information on foreign leagues, but the Korean Baseball Organization just started its postseason, as did the Japanese Baseball League. It looks like the Championship Series for the Taiwan Baseball League begins on Saturday. Baseball is also being played right now in Cuba, but I’ve never been able to get their schedule straight.

Several winter leagues will begin play this week or next week:

Of course, even if we can’t follow the foreign leagues and winter leagues (not for a lack of trying by because of time differences, language differences, and difficulty streaming games), there are always baseball activities and destinations to visit during the off-season.

So, again, to answer the annoying question, “What do you do during the off-season?”, the correct answer is, “What off-season?”

~ baseballrebecca