Stat-urday, 3/14/2020: Coronavirus Baseball Cancellations

Image result for coronavirus site:.govSince its Stat-urday, let’s count how much baseball has been postponed, suspended, delayed, or canceled:

  1. Major League Baseball Spring Training – suspended
  2. MLB Opening Day – delayed
  3. Minor League Baseball Opening Day – delayed
  4. College World Series – canceled
  5. World Baseball Classic Qualifier games in Arizona (both groups) – postponed
  6. WBSC Americas Olympic Qualifier in Arizona – postponed until further notice
  7. WBSC Final Olympic Baseball Qualifier in Taipei – postponed from April to June
  8. Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan Opening Day – postponed
  9. Korean Baseball Organization Opening Day – postponed at least until April
  10. Chinese Professional Baseball League Opening Day – postponed to April 11

So, what’s still happening? The Mexican Baseball League, at least as of yesterday, is still proceeding as scheduled. On Thursday, as everything was being called-off, La Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, put out a notice describing the Covid-19 protocol the league is adopting, which includes the usual things like frequent washing of hands, etc. Japan’s Olympics Minister and International Olympic Committee also stated on Thursday that the 2020 Olympics (including baseball!) will still go on as scheduled.

So, to recap: Postponed/Suspended/Delayed/Canceled: 10; Still Scheduled: 2.

Stay safe, everyone!

~ baseballrebecca






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