World Baseball Classic: Pools A and B Begin Play!

The World Baseball Classic has begun! Pool A games began last night at 11:00 p.m. (Eastern) in Taichung, Taiwan, when Cuba took on the Netherlands. Pool B games begin tomorrow when Australia plays South Korea at 10:00 p.m. in Tokyo Japan. Check out the schedule and rosters for Pool A and Pool B below. (Come back tomorrow for information on Pools C and D.)

WBC Schedule for Pools A and B (Pool A is in italics): All Pool A games will be played in Taiwan; all Pool B games will be played in Tokyo. The quarterfinals for these teams will take place in Tokyo on March 15-16. (The semifinals will take place in Miami, Florida, March 19-20 and the championship game will be on March 21.)

DateHomeAwayTime (Eastern)Watch
7-MarCubaNetherlands11:00 PMFS1
8-MarPanamaTaipei6:00 AMFS2
 AustraliaSouth Korea10:00 PMFS1
 PanamaNetherlands11:00 PMFS2
9-MarChinaJapan5:00 AMFS1
 ItalyCuba6:00 AMTubi
 Czech RepublicChina10:00 PMTubi
 CubaPanama11:30 PMFS1
10-MarSouth KoreaJapan5:00 AMFS1
 ItalyTaipei6:00 AMTubi
 ChinaAustralia10:00 PMFS2
 PanamaItaly11:00 PMFS1
11-MarCzech RepublicJapan5:00 AMFS1
 NetherlandsTaipei6:00 AMFS2
 Czech RepublicSouth Korea10:00 PMFS1
 TaipeiCuba11:00 PMFS2
12-MarJapanAustralia6:00 AMFS1
 NetherlandsItaly 7:00 AMFS2
 AustraliaCzech Republic11:00 PMFS2
13-MarSouth KoreaChina6:00 AMFS2

Rosters for Pool A Teams:

Rosters for Pool B Teams: