Best of the Week: 5/20/18 – 5/26/2018

On Monday, in his first game with the Washington Nationals as a starter (he struck out pinch-hitting on Sunday), 19-year old Juan Soto got his first hit. And his first hit was a home run. And his home run was a 3-run home run.

Soto started the season with the low-A Hagerstown Suns. He was promoted to high-A on April 23. On May 10, he went to the double A Harrisburg Senators where he played in 8 games before being called up to the majors on May 20. His rose through the minors so quickly, I never even got a chance to see him there!

Congrats, Juan! Welcome to Washington!

~ baseballrebecca




Best of the Week, 5/13/18 – 5/19/18

Colon with the Mets in 2016 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

The Best of the Week? Bartolo Colon.

On Wednesday, Colon went 7 2/3 innings against the Mariners allowing only 4 hits and striking out 3. This is not the first time he’s done this. On April 15, Colon pitched 7 2/3 innings in Houston, allowing one hit, one run, and one walk while striking out 7. He had a perfect game through 7 innings. I can’t wait to see what he does next month.

And did I mention he turns 45 on Wednesday?

Happy early birthday, Bartolo!

~ baseballrebecca



Best of the Week: 5/5/18-5/12/18

Last week there was a brief delay during the third inning of a Norfolk Tides games as ducklings found their way onto the field. Thanks to the Louisville bullpen, a bat boy, a box, and a batting helmet, the baby ducks were quickly scooped up and taken to safety off-field:

And another angle:

~ baseballrebecca

Best of the Week: 4/29/18 – 5/5/18

On Tuesday, the Negro League Baseball Hall of Fame announced this year’s selections for the “Hall of Game.” The Hall of Game was established in 2014 to recognize “former MLB greats who competed with the same passion, determination, skill and flair exhibited by the heroes of the Negro Leagues.” This year’s honorees are Dick Allen, Kenny Lofton, Eddie Murray, James Timothy “Mudcat” Grant, James Rodney “J.R.” Richard. The Hall of Game induction ceremony will be held in Kansas City on June 9.

Congratulations to Eddie Murray and all of the inductees!

~ baseballrebecca

Best of the Week: 4/22/18 – 4/28/18

If you didn’t already know who Groot Correa was, you may have been introduced to him this week. As reported on Friday, Groot apparently decided to chew his owner’s home run ball. The owner? Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. And he doesn’t look the least bit remorseful in his Instagram post:

Best of the Week, 4/15/2018 – 4/21/2018

Last Sunday at the game between the Washington Nationals and the Colorado Rockies, the cameras caught the best of the week. In the sixth inning, Nationals’ catcher Matt Wieters hit a homerun that was caught by a young Rockies fan. In the eighth inning, DJ LeMahieu of the Rockies hit a home run that was caught by a Nats fan. So, in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fanaticism, the two fans swapped their souvenirs. The peace treaty was caught on camera.

~ baseballrebecca



Best of the Week, 4/8/18 – 4/15/2018

Since Sunday was Jackie Robinson Day, I did not identify a “Best of the Week” for last week – but better late than never! On Sunday, the Washington Nationals celebrated Jackie Robinson Day and Black Heritage Day. Throwing out the first pitch was another civil rights icon, Congressman John Lewis. The celebration was definitely the best of the week!

~ baseballrebecca