Best of the Week: 10/14/2019 – 10/19/2019

The Baby Shark was alive and well at Nats Park this week:

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Best of the Week: 10/6/2019 – 10/12/2019

Best of the Week: Howie Kendrick!

And Nats announcers’ reaction:

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Best of the Week: 9/29/2019 – 10/5/2019

Post-season baseball was the best of this week. This MLB Network promo may be a little too self-serving – and pretty much ignores the teams playing on a different network – but at least it has Cal Ripken for a second or two:

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Best of the Week: 9/15/2019 – 9/21/2019

Mike Yastrzemski’s visit to Fenway (the O’s should have kept him):

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