Best of the Week: 8/4/2019 – 8/10/2019

The best of the week was Orioles outfielder Anthony Santander finally getting some love from the fans – even if they are from the United Kingdom:

During last Sunday’s game, 4,000 scouts from the United Kingdom sat in the outfield seats just behind where Santander was playing in left field. They had just attended the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia and were taking in a ballgame in Baltimore. As the blog BirdsWatcher put it, “After throwing a ball into the stands as a souvenir, the large contingent of scouts roared with excitement each time a flyball found the glove of Santander. Each applause became more passionate with every flyball caught and souvenir thrown into the stands.”

Acknowledging the budding relationship between the outfielder and his new UK fans, the Orioles scoreboard even welcomed the attendance of the “Official International Anthony Santander Fan Club:”

After the game, the Orioles broadcasters asked him about his new found fame:

Later, he thanked the scouts for their support:

What’s even cooler is that the TV station that broadcasts Os games put the kids on their show a few days later with none other than Santander himself:

Its great to see Santander finally getting some recognition! Oh, and the O’s even won that game!

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Best of the Week: 7/28/2019 – 8/3/2019

The Washington Nationals and their fans are used to Gerardo Parra’s walk-up music by now, but apparently the Atlanta Braves’ Freddie Freeman is not. During Monday’s game, Freeman’s response was priceless:

I’m sure he also appreciates the fact that the tune is probably now stuck in his head, too. You’re welcome, Freddie.

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Best of the Week: 7/21/2019 – 7/27/2019

When the little girl who was told she shouldn’t play baseball gets to meet her favorite MLB player:

When Ashlynn’s story went viral earlier this month, social media went crazy in support of her:

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Legend status 😱 • Last year, Ashlynn, a 7-year old from Toronto, was awarded the MVP award from the opposing team during Regional Finals. “After the game,” said her dad, Dan, “[a parent on our team] told me that girls shouldn’t be playing baseball and that they should stick to softball. Then, at tryouts, the coach cut her from the team.” • Our response? Their loss. • In just 10 days, this 8-year old is headed to #BFANationals to join hundreds of girls from North America and abroad to do what they do best: play baseball. • “I don’t think it has ever occurred to Ashlynn that some people think that girls can’t do things that boys can do,” says Dan. • We’re right there with you, Ashlynn—and we’ve got your back 💪 • #baseballforall #borntoplay #unstoppable #girlscandoanything #girlsplaybaseballtoo #baseballplayers #girlsinbaseball #naturalathelete #divingcatch #baseballseason #travebaseball #empoweredgirls #strongfemale #supporther #sheplayswewin #girlsinthegame #letherplay #baseballtournament #thefutureisfemale #futureofbaseball 📹 @danbaseballdadof6 @jbclac

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MLB’s Cut4, the Today Show, and I’m sure countless others picked up her story. Congrats, Ashlynn, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of you!

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Best of the Week: 7/14/2019 – 7/20/2019

The best of this past week was the Bowie Baysox. First, Mike Baumann of the Baysox threw a no-hitter on Tuesday:

Then, they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing:

More on that tomorrow…

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Best of the Week: 7/7/2019 – 7/13/2019

The Angels honored Tyler Skaggs on Friday night – a night that included everything: from the team all wearing #45, to Skaggs’ mom throwing out the first pitch, to Mike Trout hitting a home run in the first inning, to Taylor Cole and Felix Peña combing to throw a no hitter:

As MLB tweeted, it was unbelievable.

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🙏 #Angels #TylerSkaggs #45 #mlb

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Best of the Week: 6/30/2019 – 7/6/2019

After 15 years in Washington, DC, yesterday the Washington Nationals finally paid tribute to their Canadian roots by wearing throwback 1969 Montreal Expos uniforms:

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Best of the Week: 6/23/2019 – 6/29/2019

File:Manny Machado 8-10-2012.jpg

When Manny was ours, 2012 (photo by Keith Alison via Wikipedia)

My favorite player, Manny Machado, returned to Baltimore this week with his (and my) new team, the San Diego Padres. The fans warmly welcomed him, some of us nearly in tears.

I’m still mad at the Orioles for trading him away. Naturally, I was at the game on Tuesday, wearing my Manny-Padres shirt and my Lake Elsinore Storm cap. (I’m still working through my feelings on this, but will post more pics later this week.)

We miss you Manny!

~ baseballrebecca

This one made me tear up a little (ok, a lot):