Best of the Week: 2/24/2018 – 3/2/2019

Sorry, but the Nats fan in me really enjoyed this:

Bryce Harper At His Phillies Press Conference: “We Want To Bring A Title Back To D.C.”

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Best of the Week: 2/17/2019 – 2/23/2019

Without a doubt, the best baseball story of the week was Manny Machado. After weeks of me whining, the drama finally ended with Manny signing with the San Diego Padres.

Now all we need is an announcement from Bryce and I can begin to plan my life again…

Although, I have to say, I kind of agree with this guy:

And still hold out hope, like this guy:


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Best of the Week: 2/3/2019 – 2/9/2019

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, this seems appropriate for the Best of the Week: A-Rod’s Instagram post for his second anniversary with JLo:

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Macha 13, I can’t believe it’s been two years. Only 730 days, which have flown by, but it feels like we have been together forever. We are meant to be, and how much you mean to me cannot be put into words. . From baseball games, to traveling across the world to shows in Vegas. We have done it all together and every moment with you is cherished. Where this road will take us next is unknown but there is no one else I would rather have by my side. The journey is just beginning and I am excited for what’s ahead. . Macha, your hard work is unmatched. Your relentless drive and determination push me to be a better man each and every day. . Like you there is none other. Words will never do justice to what the last two years have meant to me. Thank you for always being you, for your unwavering support and unconditional love.❤️ . Te amo mucho, Lola. . – Macho 13 @jlo

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Hers was pretty adorable, too. (You gotta admit, they are cute together!)

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Best of the Week: 1/27/2019 – 2/2/2019

On Monday, Los Charros de Jalisco won the Mexican Pacific League championship and my favorite player, Dariel Alvarez, was named MVP. Los Charros will represent Mexico next week in the Caribbean Series!

The Caribbean Series begins tomorrow!

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Best of the Week: 1/20/2019 – 1/26/2019

This past week the Hall of Fame inductees were announced for 2019. Among them was Mariano Rivera who was voted-in unanimously in his first year on the ballot. If that wasn’t the Best of the Week, then surely it was this congratulatory tweet from Metallica:


Congrats  to Mariano from The Baseball Sociologist, too!

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Best of the Week: 1/6/2019 – 1/12/2019

Last week, baseball teams across the nation celebrated National Bobblehead Day. Below are a few ways they marked the occasion:

Lots of teams offered giveaways… I wish I’d seen this one from the Pulaski Yankees – for some reason, I love Estevan Florial:

Have a great week!

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