My Cedric Mullins Bobblehead!

img_2718Last week we celebrated National Bobblehead Day, and I finally picked up my Cedric Mullins bobblehead from the Bowie Baysox, along with my 2019 Baysox ticket pack.

Cedric Mullins is one of my all-time favorite Baysox players. He was promoted to Bowie in 2017 and proceeded to hit 13 home runs in 76 games. (In fact, I wrote about the importance of having Cedric in 2017.)

In 2018, he played in 49 games in Bowie, 60 games in triple A Norfolk, and 45 games in Baltimore. Cedric made his MLB debut on August 18, 2018. Adam Jones marked the event by ensuring Cedric was the first on the field at the beginning of the game.

I am proud to have Cedric join my bobblehead collection.

~ baseballrebecca








Best of the Week: 1/6/2019 – 1/12/2019

Last week, baseball teams across the nation celebrated National Bobblehead Day. Below are a few ways they marked the occasion:

Lots of teams offered giveaways… I wish I’d seen this one from the Pulaski Yankees – for some reason, I love Estevan Florial:

Have a great week!

~ baseballrebecca





The 2018 Bobble List


The season may be nearly half over, but there are still plenty of bobbleheads left to be collected. Recently, I was able to nab a Victor Robles from the Potomac Nationals and a Trey Iron Man-cini bobblehead from the Bowie Baysox. Below is a list of remaining bobblehead dates for MLB teams and select Minor League teams. Happy collecting!

~ baseballrebecca

Date Event Team
10-Jul Game of Thrones Charlie Morton Ruler of the Realm Bobblehead (special tix) Astros
12-Jul Ohtani Double Bobblehead Angels
12-Jul Carlos Carrasco Indians
13-Jul Brett Gardner Trenton
13-Jul Eddie Rosario “Nothing Falls But Raindrops Series” Bobblehead Twins
14-Jul Frozen Flagpole Bobble Tongue Akron
14-Jul Justin Verlander “K Counter” Bobblehead Astros
14-Jul Ham’ Porter Braves bobblehead (special tix) Braves
14-Jul Adam Wainwright Cardinals
14-Jul 60th Anniversary Retro Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead Dodgers
14-Jul Josh Bell Pirates
14-Jul Michael A. Tater (Taylor) Potato Statue Potomac
14-Jul Nolan Arenado Walk-Off Cycle Bobblehead Rockies
15-Jul Battle of the Bay Snowglobe Giants
15-Jul The Sandlot Day Squints bobble (special tix) Marlins
15-Jul The Sandlot Day Hamilton “Ham” Porter bobblehead Marlins
20-Jul Mike Seidel Delmarva
21-Jul Mark Price Akron
21-Jul A Rowdy Story Bobblehead Binghamton
21-Jul Jake Lamb Diamondbacks
21-Jul Dee Gordon Mariners
21-Jul Tom Thumb Elvis Andrus Best Friends Bobblehead Rangers
21-Jul Amos Otis Royals
21-Jul Ron Gardenhire Gnome Tigers
22-Jul Rickey Henderson Bobble-Legs A’s
22-Jul Jonathan Schoop Bowie
22-Jul Ryan Braun Starting Lineup Figurine Brewers
22-Jul Hotel Transylvania Mavis bobblehead (special tix) Reds
22-Jul Roy Halladay Syracuse
23-Jul Javier Baez Cubs
23-Jul Dustin Pedroia Portland
24-Jul Austin Jackson Trenton
25-Jul Nomar Mazara elf on the shelf (special tix) Rangers
27-Jul Rip Tide (mascot) bobblehead Norfolk
27-Jul Ant-Man and The Wasp Bobbleheads (special tix) Padres
27-Jul Elvis bobblehead (special tix) Reds
27-Jul CC Sabathia Yankees
28-Jul Elias Diaz Altoona
28-Jul Graham Hetrick “Coroner” Bobblehead Harrisburg
28-Jul Trey Mancini Orioles
28-Jul Trevor Hoffman #51 Retirement Commemorative Bobblehead Padres
28-Jul Bryce Harper “Real Slicked Back Hair” Bobblehead Potomac
28-Jul Joey Votto Funko Pop! Figure Reds
28-Jul Marvel Super Hero™ Night and White Sox Iron Man Bobblehead White Sox
29-Jul Pitbull bobblehead Marlins
29-Jul Birdland Summer Garden Gnome Orioles
29-Jul  Pirates Hulk Bobblehead (14 and under) Pirates
29-Jul Christmas in July Santa bobblehead (special tix) White Sox
30-Jul Santa Fredbird bobblehead (special tix) Cardinals
31-Jul Larry Walker mini-bobblehead (special tix) Cardinals
31-Jul Alex Wood Dodgers
31-Jul Bogaerts Splash Bobblehead Red Sox
1-Aug Cardinals-themed Hello Kitty bobblehead (special tix) Cardinals
1-Aug Rafael Devers Portland
1-Aug Grateful Dead Dancing Bears Figurine (special tix) White Sox
3-Aug Anthony Rendon Bobblehead Nationals
4-Aug Josh Bell Altoona
4-Aug A’s Italian Heritage Night Stomper Bobblehead (special tix) A’s
4-Aug The Sandlot ‘Great Hambino’ bobblehead (special tix) Brewers
4-Aug Jim Palmer Hagerstown
4-Aug Noah Syndergaard as Thor Bobblehead Mets
4-Aug Andy Van Slyke Pirates
4-Aug The Sandlot Chauncey Leopardi Bobblehead Potomac
4-Aug Vladimir Guerrero Hall of Fame Bobblehead Rangers
4-Aug Akinori Iwamura Rays

4 – Aug

Johan Santana HOF Bobblehead

Estevan Florial



5-Aug Brad Lidge Bobble Figurine Phillies
5-Aug Ted Williams 1st Rangers Manager Bobblehead Rangers
7-Aug Game of Thrones Corey Knebel “King in the North” Bobblehead (special tix) Brewers
7-Aug Aaron Judge Trenton
8-Aug A’s Jewish Heritage Night Stomper Bobblehead (special tix) A’s
10-Aug Barry Bonds statuette (special tix) Giants
11-Aug Webster Slaughter Akron
11-Aug Jack Wilson Altoona
11-Aug Carlo Beltran 2004 Playoff Bobblehead Astros
11-Aug Alomar, Molitor & Olerud Triple Bobblehead Blue Jays
11-Aug Jim Thome Hall of Fame Bobblehead White Sox
12-Aug Giants-themed Funko POP! Vinyl Figure of Jack-Jack from Incredibles 2 (special tix) Giants
12-Aug DJ Khaled bobblehead Marlins
14-Aug The Sandlot Ham or Squints bobblehead (special tix) Cardinals
14-Aug Rich Hill Dodgers
14-Aug Kevin Gasuman Game of Thrones Bobblehead (special tix) Orioles
14-Aug Slugger (mascot) Portland
15-Aug Kyle Hendricks Cubs
17-Aug Billy Ripken Hagerstown
17-Aug Grateful Dead Uncle Sam bobblehead (special tix) Reds
18-Aug Amed Rosario King of New York Bobblehead Binghamton
18-Aug Chipper “Crazy Train” Bobblehead Braves
18-Aug Anthony “Tony Two Bags” Rendon Bobblehead Harrisburg
18-Aug Game of Thrones Night: Michael A. Taylor Figurine Nationals
18-Aug Nomar Mazara Rangers
18-Aug Scott Schebler Reds
18-Aug Tim Anderson White Sox
19-Aug Jim Thome Hall of Fame Bobblehead (special tix) Indians
19-Aug Trevor Hoffman Replica Statue Padres
20-Aug Beware of Bobbledog Richmond
20-Aug Peanuts Night (special tix) Red Sox
20-Aug Tony Clark Trenton
21-Aug Game of Thrones / Red Sox ‘K’ Slayer Chris Sale bobblehead (special tix) Red Sox
22-Aug Chase Utley Dodgers


Lee Landers King of Baseball Bobblehead (Appalachian League President)

Ted Buckland Bobblehead Giveaway



25-Aug Neil Walker Altoona
25-Aug Louie (mascot) Bobblehead (kids) Bowie
25-Aug Brewers-themed Snoopy bobblehead (special tix) Brewers
25-Aug Buster Hugs Bobblehead, featuring either Buster Posey or Brian Wilson Giants
25-Aug Jay Bruce Mets
25-Aug Wade Boggs Rays
25-Aug Jeff Montgomery Royals
25-Aug Salt Potato Bobblehead Syracuse
25-Aug Mickey Lolich 1968 Bobblehead Tigers
25-Aug Jim Thome & Babe bobblehead (special tix)
26-Aug Lorenzo Cain Brewers
28-Aug Ray Lankford mini bobblehead (special tix) Cardinals
28-Aug Robinson Chirinos Removable Mask Bobblehead Rangers
28-Aug Game of Thrones Night King Redlegs bobblehead (special tix) Reds
29-Aug Game of Thrones Ozzie of House Smith’s ascension to MLB’s Iron Throne (special tix) Cardinals
29-Aug Phillies Hulk bobblehead (special tix) Phillies
31-Aug A’s Filipino Heritage Night Stomper Bobblehead (special tix) A’s
31-Aug Edwin Encarnacion Indians
31-Aug Black Panther Bobblehead (special tix) Padres
31-Aug Brett Gardner Yankees
1-Sep Alex Bregman “Walk-Off Hit” Bobblehead Astros
1-Sep Rowdy Hula Dashboard Figuring Binghamton
1-Sep Keyote (mascot) bobblehead Frederick
1-Sep Mystery Bobblehead Hagerstown
1-Sep Rangers Captain Bobblehead Rangers
1-Sep Mystery Bobblehead Syracuse
2-Sep The Sandlot Day “Ham” Porter bobblehead (special tix) Padres
2-Sep Hawk Harrelson Nesting Doll White Sox
4-Sep Babe Ruth Boston Braves Bobblehead Braves
4-Sep Betts Splash Bobble Red Sox
7-Sep A’s Korean Heritage Night Stomper Bobblehead (special tix) A’s
8-Sep Bobblehead TBA Diamondbacks
8-Sep Felipe Vazquez Pirates
8-Sep Joe Morgan Replica Statue Reds
9-Sep Hispanic Heritage Sugar Skull Bobblehead A’s
10-Sep Game of Thrones Wun Wun “The Giant” Bobblehead (special tix) Giants
10-Sep San Francisco Giant Race Bruce Bochy runner bobblehead (special tix) Giants
10-Sep Billy Joel Bobblehead (special tix) Royals
12-Sep Devers Gnome Red Sox
14-16-Sep Dia de los Muertos Bobblehead (special tix) Padres
15-Sep Mike Foltynewicz Player Designed Bobblehead Braves
15-Sep Ed Sedar mini-bobblehead (special tix) Brewers
16-Sep Mark McGwire Cardinals
16-Sep Albert Almora Cubs
16-Sep Star Wars Day Giants “Cantina Rubber Match” Statuette Collectible (special tix) Giants
16-Sep Millennium Falcon hovering over AT&T Park collectable (special tix) Giants
17-Sep Game of Thrones Odor bobblehead (special tix) Rangers
18-Sep Matt Kemp Dodgers
18-Sep Game of Thrones Odor bobblehead (special tix) Rangers
19-Sep Dodgers’ Dia de Los Dodgers Night bobblehead (special tix) Dodgers
19-Sep Game of Thrones Odor bobblehead (special tix) Rangers
21-Sep Sean Manaea No-Hitter Bobblehead A’s
21-Sep A’s Portuguese Heritage Stomper Bobblehead (special tix) A’s
25-Sep Pedro Bobble Red Sox
26-Sep Lou Seal Oktoberfest Bobblehead (special tix) Giants
26-Sep Ant-Man bobblehead (special tix) Giants
29-Sep Ken Griffey Jr. Pop! Collectible Figure Mariners
29-Sep Dan Johnson Rays

Films on Friday: Bobbleheads and More

Yesterday, I posted the list of upcoming Military Appreciation Days at MLB ballparks and a sample of MiLB ballparks. That means my list of bobblehead giveaways, heritage and community nights, and other quirky baseball events is sure to follow. Next week I’ll post my lists for the second half of the season. So, in honor of my upcoming posts and the upcoming All-Star Week, here’s a promo for last year’s All-Star Game:


Happy Friday!

~ baseballrebecca

Celebrating National Bobblehead Day


Bobblehead Museum at Marlins Park, ca. 2012

Yesterday was National Bobblehead Day, which was celebrated around baseball with entertaining tweets and posts about everything bobble-related. One thing that always comes to mind on National Bobblehead Day is the amazing bobblehead collection that was on display at Marlins Park. With the selling of the team to Derek Jeter and his investment group, 900 of those bobbleheads left with the previous owner Jeffrey Loria. Loria has donated those to the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, 300-400 bobbleheads in the Marlins’ Museum were not part of Loria’s personal collection and will remain on display at Marlins Park.

While its still early for the annual Bobble List, there are a few teams that have released their preliminary promotions schedules, which, of course, include bobbleheads:

Happy Belated Bobblehead Day!

~ baseballrebecca

September Bobbleheads

With just over a month left of the 2017 baseball season, here are your last chances to obtain a bobblehead this year:

2-Sep Brewers Craig Counsell mini bobblehead (special ticket)
2-Sep Giants Buster Posey Special Event bobblehead (special ticket)
2-Sep Padres Wil Myers “The Cycle” Bobblehead
2-Sep Rangers Master Lucroy Star Wars Bobblehead
2-Sep White Sox Mark Buehrle
6-Sep Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez
9-Sep Arizona Sugar Skull Bobblehead
10-Sep Royals Drew Butera TIE Fighter Pilot (Star Wars) Bobblehead (special ticket)
12-Sep Cardinals Willie McGee mini bobblehead (special ticket)
12-Sep Giants Joe Montana bobblehead (special ticket)
13-Sep Giants Frank Robinson
13-Sep Red Sox Xander Bogaerts Gnome
15-Sep Giants Giants-themed Thor bobblehead (Marvel Day – special tickets required)
16-Sep Astros Super Springer “Diving Catch” Bobblehead
16-Sep Giants Orlando Cepeda statue replica (80th birthday)
16-Sep Reds Reds Past & Present Triple Bobblehead
16-Sep Tampa Bay Blake Snell
17-Sep Miami Christian Yelich
23-Sep Reds Tucker Barnhart
24-Sep Orioles Oriole Bird Bobblehead Toothbrush Holder (14 and under)
26-Sep Cardinals Joe Magrane and Greg Mathews dual-bobblehead (special ticket)
26-Sep Dodgers Bobblehead TBA
26-Sep Phillies Phillies Captain Picard bobble figurine (special ticket)
30-Sep Cardinals Scott Rolen
30-Sep Miami Adam Conley Star Wars Stormtrooper Bobblehead (special ticket)
30-Sep Royals Memorable Moments Bobblehead Series: George Brett

MiLB Bobbleheads: August and September

With little more than a month left to the minor league baseball season, if you haven’t already stood in line to obtain a 2017 bobblehead, your chances are dwindling. Below are the remaining bobblehead giveaway dates in the International, Easter, Carolina, and South Atlantic leagues.

Happy August!

~ baseballrebecca

Date Bobblehead, Gnome, or Statue Team League
1-Aug Vintage Bobblehead New Hampshire Eastern
3-Aug Senator Chris Coons Bobblehead Wilmington Carolina
4-Aug Quidditch C. Wolf Bobblehead Erie Eastern
4-Aug Reggie Jackson/Derby (bat dog) Bobblehead Trenton Eastern
4-Aug Auggie Bobblhead Augusta South Atlantic
5-Aug Zack Greinke Wilmington Carolina
5-Aug Brandon Phillips Harrisburg Eastern
11-Aug Nomar Garciaparra Pawtucket International
11-Aug Sherman mini bobblehead Delmarva South Atlantic
11-Aug Coach Cal Bobblehead Series Giveaway #3 Lexington South Atlantic
12-Aug Jonathan Schoop Gnome Frederick Carolina
12-Aug Mystery Bobblehead Hagerstown South Atlantic
15-Aug Yoan Moncada Portland Eastern
18-Aug Clint Frazier Human Torch Bobblehead Scranton-Wilkes Barre International
19-Aug Anthony Rendon “Real Electric Hair” Bobblehead Potomac Carolina
19-Aug Thurman Munson Syracuse International
19-Aug Jim Schlossnagle Hagerstown South Atlantic
25-Aug Fan Vote Bobblehead Trenton Eastern
25-Aug Gary Sanchez Baby Bomber Bobblehead Scranton-Wilkes Barre International
25-Aug MASH Night – Corporal Klinger Bobblehead Toledo International
25-Aug Jon Lester Augusta South Atlantic
26-Aug Fans’ Choice Bobblehead: Jayson Werth and MASN’s Dan Kolko Potomac Carolina
26-Aug Tony Schiavone and his Chihuahua, Bug, Bobblehead Gwinnett International
26-Aug Dave Parker West Virginia South Atlantic
29-Aug Corey Kluber (random drawing) Columbus International
31-Aug Aaron Judge Baby Bomber Bobblehead Scranton-Wilkes Barre International
1-Sep Jameson Suit and Taillon bobblehead giveaway Altoona Eastern
1-Sep Vintage Jonathan Schoop Bobblehead Delmarva South Atlantic
2-Sep Erick Hosmer Wilmington Carolina
2-Sep Enrico Pallazzo Akron Eastern
2-Sep Rumble Ponies Mascot Bobblehead ft. Bobblefist Binghamton Eastern
2-Sep Mystery Ball/ Bobblehead Auction Gwinnett International
2-Sep Mystery Bobblehead Syracuse International
2-Sep Fan Choice Bobblehead Hagerstown South Atlantic