John Lewis Discusses Jackie Robinson

Yesterday, for Jackie Robinson Day, Congressman John Lewis threw out the first pitch at Nats Park. Prior to the game he was interviewed by MASN and asked to comment on Jackie Robinson’s contributions:

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Suzyn Waldman Makes History

Suzyn Waldman at Camden Yards, 2011 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

On March 6, 2005, Suzyn Waldman became the first female full-time baseball color commentator when she made her debut with John Sterling on WCBS-AM (880), the flagship radio station for the New York Yankees. Prior to that, Waldman had worked for the YES Network as a reporter as well as for WFAN in New York.

In the mid-1990s, Waldman became the second woman to work as a play-by-play announcer for a local television station; Gayle Gardner was the first in 1993 when she did play-by-play on local television for the Colorado Rockies. Few other women had significant broadcasting roles prior the 1990s. In September 1964, Betty Caywood served as a color commentator for some late-season Kansas City Athletics games. In the 1970s, Mary Shane was a play-by-play announcer for part of the  Chicago White Sox’ 1977 season.

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So, apparently, the World Baseball/Softball Confederation has been developing a new version of baseball based on Cuban street ball. This new sport is called Baseball-5. It sounds like a really promising way of getting more people interested in and participating in baseball and softball. Basically, its baseball without all of the equipment – all you need is a baseball, 5 players, time for 5 innings, and a place to play. I need to find more information on this, but in the meantime, check out the videos below.

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More About “A Long Way from Home”

The director of “A Long Way from Home: the Untold Story of Baseball’s Desegregation” has informed me that the film will be on TV One’s On Demand channel through the end of the month. There also will be screenings at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City (on 2/25) and the San Francisco Public Library (on 2/27).

It really is an awesome documentary! You can get more info at:

Desegregating Baseball

Orlando Cepeda in 1962. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

I stumbled across this documentary yesterday as it made its debut on the television channel TV One. “A Long Way From Home: The Untold Story of Baseball’s Desegregation” tells the story of minority players in the major leagues with the backdrop of a still segregated society. Players highlighted include: James “Mudcat” Grant, Orlando Cepeda, Tony Pérez, Jimmy Wynn, Grover “Deacon” Jones, J.R. Richard, Enos Cabell, Octavio “Cookie” Rojas, Orlando Peña, and Bobby Tolan.

The documentary highlights the everyday struggles of black and Latino players – from being asked to leave a restaurant the white players were welcome at, to being told they had to speak English, to having to play through injury. This is definitely must-see TV! Check out the preview below.

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MLB Heritage Celebrations

17991985_10210450229270161_7373124005593779385_nSince I finally published the annual bobblehead list yesterday, I figured it was about time to publish the list of MLB heritage celebrations. I had the privilege of attending Korean Heritage Night at the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, and this year I just so happened to be in town for the Oakland Athletics’ Korean Heritage Night. Even if you’re not a member of the various groups below, there are a lot of cool things happening and you can learn a lot about other folks!

(Note that some dates below may require special tickets for some of the activities involved.)

All Groups
3-Aug Twins Diversity Day
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
18-Apr Oakland Korean Heritage Night
25-Apr Phillies Asian Pacific Celebration
11-May Giants Filipino Heritage Night 1
15-May Giants Korean Heritage Night
18-May Dodgers Japan Night
25-May Dodgers Korea Night
30-May Giants Chinese Heritage Night
30-May White Sox Asian Heritage Night
31-May Giants Japanese Heritage Night
20-Jun Dodgers Hawaiian Night
23-Jun Dodgers Filipino Night
26-Jul Rangers Japan/America Friendship Night
30-Jul Rangers Korean Heritage Night
18-Aug Giants Polynesian Heritage Night
19-Sep Giants Filipino Heritage Night 2
22-Sep Oakland Filipino Heritage Night
Native Americans
10-Jun Arizona Native American Recognition Day
23-Jun Giants Native American Heritage Night
22-Jul Mariners Salute to Native American Night
African Americans
15-Apr Nationals Jackie Robinson/Black Heritage Day
29-Apr Rangers African American Heritage Night
7-May Royals Salute to the Negro Leagues/Dressed to the Nines
2-Jun Phillies African American Heritage Celebration
16-Jun Pirates African American Heritage Celebration
19-Jun Dodgers African American Heritage Night
10-Aug Cardinals Negro Leagues Tribute
12-Aug Brewers Negro League Tribute Night
25-Aug Reds African American Community Night
13-Sep Giants African American Heritage Night
6/30 – 7/2 Detroit Negro Leagues Weekend
6/30 – 8/2 Detroit 15th Annual Negro Leagues Weekend
8/18-19/2017 Braves Hank Aaaron Heritage Weekend
Latinos and Hispanics
7-May Padres Domingos Padres: Celebration of Venezuelan Culture
9-May Dodgers Mexican Heritage Night
23-Jun Miami Venezuelan Heritage Night
2-Jul Padres Domingos Padres: Celebration of Domincan Republic Culture
12-Aug Detroit Fiesta Tigres
25-Aug Miami Domincan Heritage Night
25-Aug Phillies Goya Latino Family Celebration
8-Sep Nationals Roberto Clemente/Hispanic Heritage Day
9-Sep Arizona Hispanic Heritage Day
9-Sep Mariners Salute to Latin American Beisbol Night
9-Sep Rangers Hispanic Heritiage Night
15-Sep Detroit Hispanic Heritage Month Recognition
15-Sep Detroit Hispanic Heritage
17-Sep Miami Nicaraguan Heritage Day
22-Sep Reds Fiesta Rojos (for Hispanic Heritage Month)
22-Sep White Sox Hispanic Heritage Night
23-Sep Astros Hispanic Heritage Street Fest
23-Sep Astros Hispanic Heritage Street Fest
23-Sep Padres Hispanic Heritage NIght
24-Sep Padres Domingos Padres: Celebration of Hispanic Cultures
27-Sep Dodgers Hispanic Heritage Night
1-Oct Miami Mexican Heritage Day
European Americans
25-Apr Giants Irish Heritage Night 1
2-May Nationals Irish Heritage Day
12-May White Sox Italian Heritage Night
19-May Detroit Polish Night
5-Jun Phillies Irish Heritage Celebration
9-Jun Giants Portuguese Heritage Night
20-Jun Phillies Greek Heritage Celebration
27-Jun White Sox Polish Heritage Night
18-Jul White Sox Greek Heritage Night
28-Jul Phillies Italian Heritage Celebration
22-Aug Giants Irish Heritage Night 2
25-Aug Oakland Italian Heritage Night
31-Aug Giants Italian Heritage Night
18-Sep Detroit Greek Heritage Night
18-Sep Detroit Greek Heritage
22-Sep Detroit Irish Heritage Night
22-Sep Detroit Irish Heritage
23-Sep Mariners Oktoberfest
23-Sep Mariners Oktoberfest
26-Sep Oakland Portuguese Heritage Night
27-Sep Phillies Oktoberfest
29-Sep Giants Oktoberfest
29-Sep Nationals Oktoberfest
9/15-17/2017 Reds Oktoberfest
Religious Heritage
13-Jun Red Sox Jewish Heritage Night
25-Jun Dodgers Christian Faith Day
21-Jul Dodgers Mormon Night
13-Aug Dodgers Jewish Community Day
15-Aug Oakland Jewish Heritage Night
21-Aug Giants Jewish Heritage Night
27-Aug Nationals Jewish Community Day
3-Sep Miami Jewish Heritage Day
14-Sep Phillies Jewish Heritage Celebration

Stat-urday, 6/10/2017

Masahiro Tanaka in 2015, photo taken by Arturo Pardavila III via Wikipedia

June is Immigrant Heritage Month and after a week of disturbing comments about foreign-born players essentially needing to learn English (from Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy and Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt – both of whom later apologized), its time to take a closer look at baseball demographics. According to the most recent Racial and Gender Report Card for MLB, foreign-born players make up nearly one-third of MLB rosters, and minorities account for over 40 percent of all Major Leaguers.

Here is a break down of the demographics:

Opening Day Rosters



Black, African American, or African Canadian



Hispanic or Latino









Foreign-born players