So What Do You Do In the Off-Season?

img_2439It’s that time of year when non-baseball fans start asking, “So what do you do in the off-season?” Not only is this question inappropriate because we are only in the beginning of the post season and still have a couple week before the World Series even starts, but if one wants to find baseball, it can always be found. There never really needs to be an off-season for baseball fans.

In response to this annoying question, I generally start babbling about La Liga Mexicana del Pacifico and the Caribbean Series. That’s usually enough to get people’s eyes start to glaze over and begin to regret asking. Mission accomplished.

But those who know anything about baseball, know that baseball can always be found. Not only has the Arizona Fall League been going on since September 18, the Fall Stars Game is happening this Saturday. And the AFL Championship Game will be held on October 26.

Not that its easy to get information on foreign leagues, but the Korean Baseball Organization just started its postseason, as did the Japanese Baseball League. It looks like the Championship Series for the Taiwan Baseball League begins on Saturday. Baseball is also being played right now in Cuba, but I’ve never been able to get their schedule straight.

Several winter leagues will begin play this week or next week:

Of course, even if we can’t follow the foreign leagues and winter leagues (not for a lack of trying by because of time differences, language differences, and difficulty streaming games), there are always baseball activities and destinations to visit during the off-season.

So, again, to answer the annoying question, “What do you do during the off-season?”, the correct answer is, “What off-season?”

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Stat-urday, 7/6/2019

There was an amazing game with some amazing stats on Wednesday from just one game in the Dominican Summer League:

  • 40 runs,
  • 36 hits,
  • 5 home runs,
  • 6 errors,
  • 3 stolen bases,
  • 5 wild pitches,
  • 2 balks,
  • 33 players used, and
  • 215 pitches thrown.
  • All in 3hours and 42 minutes!

Check out the details on!

Happy Stat-urday!

~ baseballrebecca

Stat-urday, 5/25/2019

Harvey Haddix (photo courtesy of the Society of American Baseball Research)

This weekend, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Harvey Haddix’ perfect 12 innings (only to lose the game in the 13th) on May 26, 1959. How many perfect games have there been? As it always is with statistics, it depends on how you count.

MLB’s definition of a perfect game is as follows: “An official perfect game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) retires each batter on the opposing team during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings. In a perfect game, no batter reaches any base during the course of the game.”

This has been done 23 times in Major League Baseball. But those aren’t the only ones:

League No. of Perfect Games First Perfect Game Most Recent Perfect Game
Major League Baseball 23 June 12, 1880, by Lee Richmond for the Worcester Ruby Legs August 15, 2012, by Felix Hernandez for the Seattle Mariners
Minor League Baseball 187 August 23, 1887, by Charles Bohn for Mansfield of the Ohio State League September 1, 2017, by Connor Grey of the Kane County Cougars (Midwest League)
Nippon Professional Baseball League 16 June 28, 1950, by Hideo Fujimoto for the Yomiuri Giants November 1, 2007, by Daisuke Yamai and Hitoki Iwase for the Chunichi Dragons
Mexican League 9 August 14, 1953, by Ramiro Cuevas for the Nuevo Laredo Owls August 7, 2005, by Oscar Rivera for the Yucatan Lions
Mexican Pacific League 3 January 5, 1971, by Vicente Romo for the Ciudad Obregón Yaquis August 7, 2005, by Joakim Soria for the Ciudad Obregón Yaquis
Cuban Serie Nacional 1 December 22, 1999, by Maels Rodriguez for Sancti Spiritus (same)
Chinese Professional Baseball League 1 October 7, 2018, by Ryan Verdugo for the Uni-President Lions (same)
Hoofdklasse Honkbal (Major League Baseball in the Netherlands) 3 1989 by Craig McGinnis for Haarlem Nicols April 14, 2019, by Misja Harcksen for Curacao Neptunus
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League 5 1944 by Annabelle Lee for the Minneapolis Millerettes September 3, 1953, by Jean Faut for the South Bend Blue Sox
TOTAL: 248    

As the Baseball Project says, “Why don’t we add old Harvey to that list?”

Happy Stat-urday!

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Remember the 1983 Orioles?

MASN, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (our local sports channel), has been showing the 1983 ALCS this week. As we watched game 1 on Sunday, the following thoughts went through my mind, in no particular order:

  1. Harold_Baines_1986

    Harold Baines wearing said ugly White Sox uniform in 1986 (about 6 years before he’d become an Oriole). But you really can’t tell how bad it is from this view. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

    Ah, the good old days – when the Orioles had real pitching, good pitching. Chris Tillman wasn’t even born yet.

  2. Cal Ripken was and always will be the patron saint of Baltimore. Though shalt not speak ill of Cal. Even in 1983, we knew he was special.
  3. Manny Machado was – and still is – the second coming of Cal. How dare the Orioles trade him last year? This is not a forgivable offense.
  4. Uniforms were really ugly in the ‘80s – especially those of the Chicago White Sox.
  5. O’s fans really haven’t changed much in the last 36 years.
  6. Baltimore misses Wild Bill Hagy.
  7. The Nationals could never have a Wild Bill Hagy equivalent.
  8. Will the Orioles ever be this good again?

If you’re in the area, you can catch Game 4 of the 1983 ALCS on MASN tomorrow night at 8:30 pm.

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2018 Serie del Caribe

indexLa Serie del Caribe – the Caribbean Series – begins today and runs through Feburary 8! The series will be held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, rather than in Venezuela as originally planned. (The series will return to Venezuela in 2019.) The teams completing in the 2018 Series are:

The first game will be played at 1 pm local time (2 pm Eastern), with Venezuela matched against Cuba. Last year‘s winner, Criollos de Caguas, play tonight against Mexico at 9 pm. The complete schedule is below.

More information can be found at the Wikipedia’s 2018 Caribbean Series page, the Rogers Hornsby Chapter of the Society of American Baseball Research, and

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Image courtesy of GritaRadio