Happy Fourth of July!

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Fireworks at Durham Athletic Park (photo courtesy of the city of Durham, North Carolina)

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your day of freedom, fun, food, family, friends, fireworks, and, of course, baseball!

Did you know that 110 years ago, the Pittsburgh Pirates became the first team to host a 4th of July fireworks display? According to ESPN.com, Pirates’ owner Barney Dreyfuss scheduled the fireworks show to take place after a July 4 doubleheader, just days after the opening of Forbes Field on June 30, 1909. Nearly 40,000 fans were in attendance. Upon the 100th anniversary of the opening of Forbes Field, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called the event, “the altar upon which the marriage of baseball and fireworks was consummated.”


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Best of the Week: 6/15/2019 – 6/22/2019

Max Scherzer broke his nose and got a black eye at practice last week:

And the Internet loved it:

And then a couple days later it was Scherzer bobblehead night:

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Films on Fridays: O’s Try Oysters

Since many of us are still celebrating the holidays – and missing baseball – the video below seemed appropriate. The video appeared on the the television channel that broadcasts Orioles games, MASN. It’s holiday-related because, apparently, oysters are featured in many holiday traditions. According to a recent article in Forbes, oysters are a Thanksgiving tradition in the New England, and a Christmas Eve staple in the Southeastern United States. Traditionally, many Irish and German immigrants ate oyster stew on Christmas Eve because Catholics did not eat meat the night before the holiday. Oysters are used in other holiday meals, as well; according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, oysters are also a New Year’s tradition.

However, just because oysters appear in many holiday recipes and Trey Mancini was brave enough to try them, does not mean I plan on eating oysters any time soon. What about the rest of you? Do you include oysters in your holiday traditions?

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All I Want for Christmas is No. 10

All I want for Christmas is my team back the way it was – with my favorite Os players, especially Adam Jones. While it’s already too late to sign Jonathan Schoop, I’m sure we could work something out. And Manny Machado is still available!

And how about adding some of my favorite minor leaguers? Garabez Rosa, my all-time favorite Baysox player, would enjoy a promotion, I’m quite sure.

Of course, every year I ask Santa for a good starting pitcher. Every year he lets me down. Maybe this year’s the year?

What’s your baseball wish list?

Happy Holidays!

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Thanksgiving Baseball Reading

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Baseball Sociologist! While most of us love Thanksgiving, it can be a tough time for baseball fans: no baseball and football is everywhere. Thus, I’ve compiled a few links for baseball-related Thanksgiving articles:


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