Let’s Celebrate Clemente Day A Better Way, MLB

Roberto Clemente 1965.jpg
Roberto Clemente in 1965

Happy Roberto Clemente Day!

Quick question – did you know it was Roberto Clemente Day? Or – did you know September 9 was going to be Roberto Clemente this year prior to the several articles that started coming out about a week or so ago?

I really wish Major League Baseball would spend a little more time planning, promoting, and celebrating this commemorative day. After all, they made it up, the least they can do it celebrate it properly. Every year, I contemplate writing something in honor of the event, but I am quickly derailed by the fact that I’m not sure when Clemente Day is. I always see articles on the internet stating that Clemente Day is celebrated on [insert whatever date here] every year. This is not true. Once again this year, I found it infuriating this year that several news articles about Roberto Clemente Day started out along the lines of: “MLB established September 9 as Roberto Clemente Day in 2002.” Wrong! MLB established September 9 as Roberto Clemente Day for this year at some point in the recent past. It’s on a different day every year (see tomorrow’s post). No wonder none of us can plan for, remember, or even celebrate the day! Of course, not all teams are at home on a specific day, like September 9. But, like Jackie Robinson Day, this can be overcome.

Even if you go to mlb.com, click on “Schedule” and then click on “Important Dates,” the promised “Full coverage” about Roberto Clemente Day takes you to a lame “Roberto Clemente Day” website – or web page, I should say – which they can’t even be bothered to update (to be fair, their “Jackie Robinson Day” page is only slightly better). There are basically three sections to this page: (1) a news “carousel,” (2) corresponding videos, and (3) an “About Roberto Clemente Day” section on the right-hand side, which includes a link to yet another page where you can go to vote for who you want to win the award this year (not that its clear how your vote is considered in the final determination of who wins). Seriously – that’s it. Hardly anything about the man himself, his impact on baseball, or even past winners of the Roberto Clemente Award.

As of yesterday, there are a grand total of FOUR articles in that news carousel – only one of which is from this year:

The “About Roberto Clemente Day” section says only this: “Roberto Clemente Day was established by Major League Baseball to honor the legacy of the Hall of Famer and 15-time All-Star who died in a plane crash on New Year’s Eve 1972 while attempting to deliver supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. In his honor, MLB annually presents the Roberto Clemente Award to recognize the player who best represents the game of Baseball through sportsmanship, community involvement and positive contributions, both on and off the field. Club nominees for this prestigious award are announced on Roberto Clemente Day each year.”

Which roughly translates to: “We (MLB) established Roberto Clemente Day – yay us! Clemente was a good guy, but more about US: we renamed a PRESTIGIOUS award after him and we give it to a player through a really unclear process every year. We announce the nominees every year on Robert Clemente Day – but we can’t tell you when that is because we apparently decide at the last minute. Yay us for being diverse!” Or, you know, something along those lines.

If MLB really wanted to celebrate the legacy of Roberto Clemente and the contributions of its Latino players, they could start by having Roberto Clemente Day on the same day every year. You know, so people could plan for it, write about it, and celebrate it. They could upgrade that website to provide more information on Roberto Clemente and the Roberto Clemente Award. They could even exploit fans, which we know they like to do, by selling us Roberto Clemente stuff and Hispanic Heritage Month stuff (which they also do a really bad job of celebrating). For example, we’d love it if they’d sell those “Ponle Acento” shirts that the players wear! And, if they really wanted to be good guys, they could donate the proceeds from selling us that stuff to organizations that help folks – maybe even that help Latinos in need.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue my rant about the seemingly random dates Roberto Clemente Day has been celebrated. (If anyone knows why it’s always different, please enlighten us.) Next week, I’ll discuss the Roberto Clemente Award.

Until then, Happy Clemente Day! There’s so much more MLB can do with this celebration. Maybe we should demand that they do.

~ baseballrebecca

Monday Baseball Motivation for Memorial Day




As a Memorial to All
‘Who so Valiantly Fought
‘and Served in the World
‘Wars with Eternal
‘Gratitude to Those Who
‘Made the Supreme
‘Sacrifice to Preserve
Equality and Freedom
‘Throughout the World



Thank you to those who gave their lives for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day!

~ baseballrebecca


Films on Friday: Holiday Videos

Several teams posted holiday videos this holiday season – including the Brewers, Twins, Royals, and Phillies. My favorite was from the Nats:

Here are a few that were posted on Twitter:

And then there was this video posted by the Red Sox:

Happy New Year!

~ baseballrebecca




2020 Baseball Planning – with Bobbleheads!

Steve Urkel.jpg

Jaleel White as Steve Urkel. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

2020 is here – so what are your baseball plans for the new year? It’s never too early to think about baseball! The 2020 schedules for MLB and MiLB have been out for some time now, and tickets are available for most Spring Training games and the Caribbean Series.

If you still need some help deciding, several teams already have their bobblehead schedules out – check out the list below (I’ll update it later as more teams release their schedules). I might even have to go get me an Akron RubberDucks Urkel bobblehead!

Happy New Year!

­~ baseballrebecca

Date Team Bobble
Holiday Ticket Pkg. Bowie Baysox Choose a bobblehead with season tickets or mini-pack – including Ryan Mountcastle and Hunter Harvey
Holiday Ticket Pkg. Reds Buddy the Elf Bobblehead (with 4-ticket gift pack)
Holiday Ticket Pkg. Reds Oversized Nick Senzel bobblehead (with pick-6 ticket plan)
28-Mar Dodgers Max Muncy
30-Mar Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
9-Apr Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Keston Hiura
11-Apr Mariners Kyle Seager
11-Apr Dodgers Don Drysdale
22-Apr Red Sox Star Wars Mandalorian JD bobblehead (special ticket required)
24-Apr Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Cody Bellinger
25-Apr Reds Queen City Sluggers Triple bobblehead – Ted Kluszewski, George Foster, and Eugenio Suarez
25-Apr Cardinals Kolten Wong
26-Apr Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Fang T. Rattler bobblehead dressed in Yooper Day Gear
29-Apr Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
2-May Mariners Mariner Moose Pop! Collectible
8-May Trenton Thunder Marvel’s Black Widow bobblehead
10-May Pirates Pirates Wonder Woman bobblehead (all kids and moms)
16-May Reds Sonny Gray
17-May Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Trent Grisham
20-May Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
23-May Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
23-May Pirates Joe Musgrove
23-May Cardinals Paul Goldschmidt
29-May Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Brent Suter
30-May Mariners Marco Gonzales
31-May Cardinals Willie McGee bobblehead gnome
2-Jun Portland Sea Dogs Darwinzon Hernandez
3-Jun Trenton Thunder El Trueno Sugar Skull bobblehead
4-Jun Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
11-Jun Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Udder Tuggers Mascot bobblehead
16-Jun Pirates Bill Mazeroski Gold Glove Award Bobblehead
18-Jun Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
19-Jun Cardinals Ted Simmons
20-Jun Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
26-Jun Reds Trevor Bauer
26-Jun Trenton Thunder Marvel’s Black Panther bobblehead
28-Jun Phillies Bryce Harper
2-Jul Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
2-Jul Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Lorenzo Cain
3-Jul Cardinals Whitey Herzog Fishing bobblehead
4-Jul Pirates Josh Bell
5-Jul Cardinals Jack Buck Statue with Voice Chip
11-Jul Reds Eric Davis Funko Pop! Collectible
16-Jul Dodgers Vin Scully
18-Jul Akron RubberDucks Jaleel White appearance and Steve Urkel bobblehead
19-Jul Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Ethan Small
21-Jul Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
21-Jul Portland Sea Dogs Rafael Devers
24-Jul Trenton Thunder Gleyber Torres
25-Jul Reds Mike Moustakas
31-Jul Reds Bobblehead TBD
2-Aug Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Aaron Ashby
4-Aug Trenton Thunder Marvel’s IronMan bobblehead
5-Aug Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
8-Aug Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
8-Aug Pirates Trevor William Star Ward bobblehead
9-Aug Cardinals Ozzie Smith Funko POP!
13-Aug Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Manny Piña Bratoberfest bobblehead
15-Aug Reds Luis Castillo Funko Popl! Collectible
15-Aug Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
15-Aug Cardinals Yadier Molina
18-Aug Portland Sea Dogs Bobby Dalbec
22-Aug Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Sugar Skull Whiffer bobblehead
25-Aug Trenton Thunder Aaron Judge
27-Aug Dodgers Bobblehead TBD
29-Aug Reds Joey Votto
29-Aug Cardinals Mystery Cardinals Hall of Fame bobblehead
30-Aug Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Fans’ Choice bobblehead
1-Sep Portland Sea Dogs Xander Bogaerts
6-Sep Pirates Kids Pierogy Figurines (kids 14 and younger)
12-Sep Pirates Doug Drabek 1990 Cy Young Award bobblehead
16-Sep Dodgers Bobblehead TBD


Happy New Year!

IMG_0979Happy New Year! So what does 2020 hold in store for baseball? And what are your New Baseball Year’s Resolutions? As always, one of my main resolutions is to watch more baseball. Here are a few ways to do so in 2020:

  • February 1-7: The Caribbean Series will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Feb. 16 – March 15: Pre-season games for Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan
  • February 20: Spring Training begins
  • March 20: Opening Day for Nippon Professional Baseball
  • March 22-26: The WBSC Baseball Americas Olympic Qualifier will be held in Arizona with the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela competing for a spot in the 2020 Olympics
  • March 26: MLB Opening Day
  • March 28: Opening Day for the Korea Baseball Organization
  • April 1-5: The WBSC Baseball Last Olympic Qualifier will be held in Taiwan. China, Chinese Taipei, the Netherlands, Australia, and the Americas Olympic Qualifier’s second- and third-ranked teams will vie for the final spot at the Olympics.
  • April 9: Minor League baseball opening day
  • July 28 – August 8: Baseball at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Happy 2020 – here’s to MORE baseball!

~ baseballrebecca



Happy Holidays & Happy Thursday!

As a counter to yesterday’s photo, check out the amazing work of Anika Orrock below from her Instagram page, and be sure to visit her website: https://www.anikaorrock.com/work-1

Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating this time of year!

~ baseballrebecca




Happy Holidays & Happy Tuesday!

Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating this time of year!

~ baseballrebecca