Best of the Week: 1/26/2020 – 2/1/2020

The Caribbean Series began yesterday! Several of the teams tweeted out their rosters for the series, which includes players you may have heard of: Fernando Abad, Jumbo Diaz, Jimmy Paredes, Felix Pie, and Dariel Alvarez.


Dominican Republic:



Puerto Rico:


After posting this tweet, Venezuela later noted that pitcher Hassan Pena would be replacing Leonel Campos.

Guide for the 2020 Caribbean Series

Image result for Hiram Bithorn Stadium wiki

Hiram Bithorn Stadium in Puerto Rico – location of the 2020 Serie del Caribe. Photo Courtesy of the National Register of Historic Places on Flickr

Are you ready for the Caribbean Series? I don’t know about you, but I always find it difficult to find information on other baseball leagues. certainly does not update its information on the Winter Leagues very well. Below are a few links to help you follow the Caribbean Series when it begins on Saturday:


League:  Liga Colombiana de Béisbol Profesional

Champion: Vaqueros de Montería

Roster: Click here or see below

Twitter: @VaquerosdeMont1


League: Liga Mexicana del Pacifico

Champion: Tomateros de Culiacán

Roster: Click here or see below.

Twitter: @clubtomateros


League: Liga Profesional de Béisbol de Panamá

Champion: Astronautas de Chiriquí


Twitter:  @AstronautasCH

Puerto Rico

League: Liga de Beisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente

Champion: Cangrejeros de Santurce


Twitter: @santurcelbprc

República Dominicana

League: Liga de Beisbol Profesional de la Republica Dominicana

Champion: Toros del Este


Twitter:  @TorosdelEste


League: Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional

Champion: Cardenales de Lara


Twitter:  @CardenalesDice









The 2020 Caribbean Series

The Caribbean Series begins on Saturday! This year’s series will take place in Puerto Rico’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan. Despite the recent earthquake in Puerto Rico, the Series will go on as scheduled. The Commissioner of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation, Juan Francisco Puello, assured the teams and the public that stadium sustained no damage during the earthquake. The nations playing are: Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. The Colombian team replaces Cuba, which was unable to obtain visas for the series. The full schedule of games is below.

Stay tuned this week as we prepare for the 2020 Series!

~ baseballrebecca

Since the above is hard to see, use the schedule below, and just swap out Colombia for Cuba – the rest of the schedule remains the same:

Monday Baseball Motivation

Dave Martinez.png

Dave Martinez, Manager of the Washington Nationals, July 2019. Photo by Derek Russell (via Wikipedia)

It’s all about teamwork and believing in yourself. As Washington Nationals manager Davey Martinez said after the Nats won the World Series:

“I believe in these guys and they believe in each other. The biggest thing for us is never quit.”

Washington, DC, is still pinching themselves over last week’s World Series win. This week, The Baseball Sociologist looks at the Sociology of the Series, recapping the 2019 World Series from a sociological perspective.

Stay tuned!

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The Washington Nationals’ Secret Weapon

I’m still in disbelief that the Nats swept the Cardinals and are headed to the World Series. But I’ve uncovered their secret weapon: they’re getting some heavenly help.

There’s a church just down the street from Nats Park that offers a Sunday “Nats Mass” during the season. You can attend mass at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, then walk just down the street to the ballpark in time for the first pitch:

But that’s not the only church rooting for the Nats these days. The Washington National Cathedral is also supporting the Nats:

The Nats also have a chaplain from Catholic University. Maybe we could get the Pope to help us out, too?

~ baseballrebecca




October Baseball


Juan Soto and Victor Robles of the Washington Nationals, who will play the NL Wild Card game tonight

Sadly, baseball season has ended, but at least we still have the playoffs and World Series. Did your team make it? Will you be watching?

Here’s the MLB post-season schedule, at least as far we know it:


  • 10/1: Brewers at Nationals, 8:08 p.m., TBS
  • 10/2: Rays at A’s, 8:09 p.m., ESPN


National League (NLDS) – all games on TBS:

  • 10/3: NL Wild Card Winner at Dodgers
  • 10/4: NL Wild Card Winner at Dodgers
  • 10/6: Dodgers at NL Wild Card Winner
  • 10/7: Dodgers at NL Wild Card Winner (if necessary)
  • 10/9: NL Wild Card Winner at Dodgers (if necessary)


  • 10/3: Cardinals at Braves
  • 10/4: Cardinals at Braves
  • 10/6: Braves at Cardinals
  • 10/7: Braves at Cardinals (if necessary)
  • 10/9: Cardinals at Braves (if necessary)

American League (ALDS):

  • 10/4: AL Wild Card Winner at Astros, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/5: AL Wild Card Winner at Astros, FS1
  • 10/7: Astros at AL Wild Card Winner, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/8: Astros at AL Wild Card Winner, FS1 (if necessary)
  • 10/10: AL Wild Card Winner at Astros, FS1 (if necessary)


  • 10/4: Twins at Yankees, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/5: Twins at Yankees, FS1
  • 10/7: Yankees at Twins, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/8: Yankees at Twins, FS1 (if necessary)
  • 10/10: Twins at Yankees, FS1 (if necessary)


National League Championship Series (NLCS):

  • 10/11: Game 1, TBS
  • 10/12: Game 2, TBS
  • 10/14: Game 3, TBS
  • 10/15: Game 4, TBS
  • 10/16: Game 5 (if necessary), TBS
  • 10/18: Game 6 (if necessary), TBS
  • 10/19: Game 7 (if necessary), TBS

American League Championship Series (ALCS):

  • 10/12: Game 1, FOX or FS1
  • 10/13: Game 2, FOX or FS1
  • 10/15: Game 3, FOX or FS1
  • 10/16: Game 4, FOX or FS1
  • 10/17: Game 5 (if necessary), FOX or FS1
  • 10/19: Game 6 (if necessary), FOX or FS1
  • 10/20: Game 7 (if necessary), FOX or FS1


  • 10/22: Game 1, FOX
  • 10/23: Game 2, FOX
  • 10/25: Game 3, FOX
  • 10/26: Game 4, FOX
  • 10/27: Game 5 (if necessary), FOX
  • 10/29: Game 6 (if necessary), FOX
  • 10/30: Game 7 (if necessary), FOX



~ baseballrebecca