The Catcher Pitches

Former Orioles catcher and current Diamondbacks catcher made his MLB pitching “debut” Saturday night:

You get a better view of it on the D’Backs website:

Good to see our former Os having fun out there!

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Cuban Players Protest

File:Tony Taylor (cropped).jpg

Tony Taylor with the Florida Marlins in 2001 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Do you remember that time in 2000 when some MLB  players were protesting and didn’t show up for a game? The majority of those involved were on the then-named Florida Marlins: Alex Fernandez, Vladimir Nunez, Michael Tejera, and Mike Lowell. In fact, Marlins management gave permission to any employees who wanted to miss the game on April 25, 2000. Also protesting were three Marlins coaches – Fredi Gonzalez, Tony Taylor, and Luis Perez – as well as assistant to the GM, Tony Perez. Players on other teams joined the protest as well: Jose Canseco, Rey Ordonez, and Cookie Rojas.

What were they protesting? A federal court ruling that 5-year old Elian Gonzalez had to be removed from his Miami relatives’ home and returned to his father in Cuba. The Marlins’ protest was part of a larger protest by Cuban residents of Miami and other cities around the country.

In 2015, ABC News interviewed Elian Gonzalez, who said he would like to visit his family in Miami some day. He also said he’d like to see a baseball game and visit museums in Washington. Come visit any time, Elian.

By the way, the Marlins lost that game to the San Francisco Giants. That year they finished 3rd in the NL East with a record of 79-82.

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Fernando Tatis, Sr.

Fernando Tatis, Sr., with the Mets in 2007 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

I’d been meaning to look up Fernando Tatis, Sr., since we’re all getting to know Fernando Tatis, Jr., right now during his rookie season with San Diego. Turns out Fernando Sr. made history on this date 20 years ago. On April 23, 1999, Fernando Tatis Sr., playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, hit two grand slams in one inning against Chan Ho Park of the Los Angeles Dodgers. So, far, Fernando Sr. is the only ballplayer to accomplish that feat. Perhaps one day Junior will do it to.

Baseball runs in the Tatis family. Fernando Sr.’s father, Fernando Tatis, was an infielder in the Astros’ system from 1969 to 1978. After playing AAA ball between 1972 and to 1974, the elder Tatis finished his career in Columbus, GA, playing AA ball for the Columbus Astros. He retired in 1978, and remained with the Astros as a coach and scout. In addition, Fernando Tatis Sr.’s younger son, 17-year old Elijah Tatis, recently agreed to a deal with the Chicago White Sox that included a $500,000 signing bonus. The agreement becomes official in July, during the 2019-20 international signing period.

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Babe Ruth, Baltimore Oriole

1914 Babe Ruth baseball card (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

On this date in 1914, a 19-year old Babe Ruth played in his first professional game. Not for the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox, but for the Baltimore Orioles. Ruth, a native of Baltimore, had signed with the minor league team earlier that year.  On April 22, 1914, made his debut with the Orioles, pitching a 6-0 shutout against Buffalo. Unfortunately, the Orioles were not doing well financially and were forced to sell Ruth’s contract to the Boston Red Sox a few months later.

In 2012, Ruth’s 1914 baseball card, pictured to the left, was valued at $575,000. Only 10 of them are known to still be in existence.

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Stat-urday, 4/20/2019

Nick Markakis with the Orioles in 2009. Photo by Keith Allison (via Wikipedia)

Earlier this week I watched the Braves play the Diamondbacks, a game which featured five former Orioles: Kevin Gausman, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Christian Walker, and Caleb Joseph. Jones and Markakis, two of my all-time favorite Orioles, are each having a great start to the season – they are batting .319 and .317, respectively. The Orioles, as a team, are batting .293 so far this year.


That reminded me that I should check up on my other former Orioles. Below are their stats (through Thursday).


Former Oriole Games AB Avg OBP RBI HR
Adam Jones 18 72 .319 .388 12 5
Christian Walker 17 55 .291 .371 9 5
Tim Beckham 19 69 .304 .377 12 4
Nick Markakis 17 60 .317 .382 13 2
Manny Machado 18 63 .254 .365 8 4
Jonathan Schoop 14 47 .213 .288 6 2
Caleb Joseph 3 6 .000 .000 0 0
Nelson Cruz 11 32 .313 .476 8 1
2019 Orioles 19 637 .223 .293 73 18
Former Oriole Games IP W L SV ERA
Kevin Gausman 3 19.2 1 1 0 2.75
Zack Britton 7 6.2 0 0 0 4.05
Brad Brach 7 7.2 1 0 0 3.52
2019 Orioles 19 165.0 7 12 4 6.05

I’d checked on these guys at the beginning of the season, I think we’ll keep checking on them periodically. So far, there are several that the Orioles definitely should have kept on the team.

Happy Stat-urday!

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Still Coming . . .

The Annual Bobble List is coming next week – along with more info on this year’s Game of Thrones / MLB bobbleheads.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending time with my current bobbleheads. I really miss these guys:


And, no, Manny, this is not acceptable – not without Jonathan:

No matter how you explain it:

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