Stat-urday, 5/18/2019 two rain outs in a row in New York this week, I started wondering how the weather has affected games and attendance this year, and stumbled upon an interesting article about MLB attendance being down for the sixth straight year. Last year, they tried to blame it on the weather, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

Below are the stats for this year’s attendance so far, courtesy of A whopping 18 teams have lower attendance this year than for the same time last year.

What do you think is causing the drop in attendance and what should MLB do about it?

Average Attendance per Game
Miami 9,516
Tampa Bay 14,540
Baltimore 14,972
Cleveland 15,285
Kansas City 15,525
Pittsburgh 15,717
Detroit 16,359
Cincinnati 17,124
Chicago White Sox 17,362
Minnesota 19,151
Oakland 19,541
Toronto 19,841
Seattle 23,066
Arizona 26,560
Washington 26,908
Texas 27,698
New York Mets 28,219
Atlanta 29,457
San Diego 30,454
Houston 31,941
San Francisco 32,669
Colorado 32,919
Milwaukee 33,079
Boston 33,902
Los Angeles Angels 34,866
Chicago Cubs 35,998
Philadelphia 36,130
New York Yankees 39,316
St. Louis 41,449
Los Angeles Dodgers 47,346

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Stat-urday, 5/11/2019

This week I’ve focused on the first five Brazilian ballplayers to make it to the Major Leagues. So its only fitting we analyze their current stats to see how they’re doing this year:

Player Age Current Team Position Batting Avg. or ERA RBI HR
Yan Gomes 31 Washington Nationals C .244 11 2
Andre Rienzo 30 Acereros de Monclova P 4.12
Paulo Orlando 33 Oklahoma City Dodgers OF .211 7 2
Thyago Vieira 25 Charlotte Knights P 4.50*
Luiz Gohara 22 Gwinnett Stripers P N/A** N/A N/A

* In one game with the Chicago White Sox, Vieira allowed 1 hit and no runs over two innings, earning the win.
** Gohara is currently on the Injured List and has not played yet this year.


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Stat-urday, 5/4/2019

So far this year there have been five no-hitters in Minor League Baseball; four of them were thrown in the Eastern League (two by the Erie SeaWolves). (And Bowie has been the losing team in 1/3 of the no-hitters.) Last year, there were 35 no-hitters. You can find all kinds of great no-hitter information for MiLB teams at

Date Pitcher(s) Team League Against
April 29 Casey Mize Erie Eastern Altoona
April 25 Kyle Hart, Daniel McGrath, & Adam Lau Portland Eastern Binghamton
April 24 Alex Faedo & Drew Carlton Erie Eastern Bowie
April 19 Bryan Valdez, Andy Toelken, & Blake Workman Kane County Midwest Quad Cities
April 14 Mitchell White, Parker Curry, Marshall Kasowski, & Louis Head Tulsa Texas Arkansas
April 11 Eric Fedde, Jordan Mills, & Aaron Barrett Harrisburg Eastern Bowie

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Stat-urday, 4/27/2019

original file

Josh Willingham with the Washington Nationals in 2009 (photo by Adam Fagen, courtesy of Wikipedia)

On Tuesday we commemorated the 20th anniversary of the game in which Fernando Tatis, Sr., hit two grand slams in one inning – which is pretty monumental. But how many players have even hit two in one game?

Only thirteen – and the last time it was done was ten years ago when Josh Willingham hit a grand slam in both the 5th and 6th innings for the Nationals. Perhaps more importantly (at least if you’re an O’s fan), how many Orioles have hit two grand slams in one game? Three: Jim Gentile in 1961, Frank Robinson in 1970, and Chris Hoiles in 1998. Thanks to the Baseball Almanac, the complete list appears below.

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Player Team Date Innings
Tony Lazzeri New York 5/24/1936 2nd and 5th
Jim Tabor Boston 7/4/1939 3rd and 6th
Rudy York Boston 7/27/1946 2nd and 5th
Jim Gentile Baltimore 5/9/1961 1st and 2nd
Tony Cloninger Atlanta 7/3/1966 1st and 4th
Jim Northrup Detroit 6/24/1968 5th and 6th
Frank Robinson Baltimore 6/26/1970 5th and 6th
Robin Ventura Chicago 9/4/1995 4th and 5th
Chris Hoiles Baltimore 8/14/1998 3rd and 8th
Fernando Tatis St. Louis 4/23/1999 3rd and 3rd
Nomar Garciaparra Boston 5/10/1999 1st and 8th
Bill Mueller Boston 7/29/2003 7th and 8th
Josh Willingham Washington 7/27/2009 5th and 6th

Stat-urday, 4/20/2019

Nick Markakis with the Orioles in 2009. Photo by Keith Allison (via Wikipedia)

Earlier this week I watched the Braves play the Diamondbacks, a game which featured five former Orioles: Kevin Gausman, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Christian Walker, and Caleb Joseph. Jones and Markakis, two of my all-time favorite Orioles, are each having a great start to the season – they are batting .319 and .317, respectively. The Orioles, as a team, are batting .293 so far this year.


That reminded me that I should check up on my other former Orioles. Below are their stats (through Thursday).


Former Oriole Games AB Avg OBP RBI HR
Adam Jones 18 72 .319 .388 12 5
Christian Walker 17 55 .291 .371 9 5
Tim Beckham 19 69 .304 .377 12 4
Nick Markakis 17 60 .317 .382 13 2
Manny Machado 18 63 .254 .365 8 4
Jonathan Schoop 14 47 .213 .288 6 2
Caleb Joseph 3 6 .000 .000 0 0
Nelson Cruz 11 32 .313 .476 8 1
2019 Orioles 19 637 .223 .293 73 18
Former Oriole Games IP W L SV ERA
Kevin Gausman 3 19.2 1 1 0 2.75
Zack Britton 7 6.2 0 0 0 4.05
Brad Brach 7 7.2 1 0 0 3.52
2019 Orioles 19 165.0 7 12 4 6.05

I’d checked on these guys at the beginning of the season, I think we’ll keep checking on them periodically. So far, there are several that the Orioles definitely should have kept on the team.

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Stat-urday, 4/13/2018: All About Bobbles


One of my favorite Minor League Baseball bobbles: Trey Mancini with the Frederick Keys (and now with the O’s)

Since I’m on a bobblehead kick right now (my Annual List is coming!!!), I thought I’d see what kind of bobblehead statistics are out there. And I wasn’t disappointed. There were several great stats-related bobble articles, so I’ve posted their links here:

  • In 2013, a writer for SB Nation did an analysis of how players performed on their bobblehead night. She has some great info on which players hit homeruns on their bobble nights and which ones weren’t even present for their bobble night.
  • Last year for National Bobblehead Day, the website Decades posted some fun facts about bobbleheads, including the fact that the San Francisco Giants have given away more than 75 bobbleheads. I’m not sure if that’s ever or what they’re measuring here, but still a fun fact.
  • Not baseball-related, but a website dedicated to hockey bobbleheads has some great stats on bobbleheds, including “Bobblettendance.” We need something similar for baseball!
  • Two years ago, Crain’s Cleveland Business reported several stats regarding Cleveland Indians’ bobblehead nights. They found a whopping 25% increase in attendance on bobble nights.
  • Towards Data Science published a detailed statistical analysis titled, “Applied multi-level model on panel data in MLB promotion marketing,” looking at several factors, including date of giveaway, day of the week, and other variables.
  • Amazon has a list of “Best Sellers in Bobble Head Figures,” but (a) bobblehead is one generally one word, and (b) they are almost all Funko figures, so that doesn’t count. Nonetheless, Babe Ruth comes in at #61 and Aaron Judge is #93. (Interestingly, Fred Sanford from “Sanford & Son” is #50 – and it’s pretty cool.) (I will not get sucked into collecting new things. I will not get sucked into collecting new things.)  By the way, the Los Angeles Times had a great article about Funko back in 2010.

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Stat-urday, 4/6/2019

This was a great graphic showing the first player born each decade to make it to the big leagues:

And, of course, Adam Jones’ reaction:

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