Vote Early, Vote Often, Then Vote Again (If You Have That Kind of Energy)

All-StarAm I the only one, or did voting for the All-Star game get even harder? I mean, there’s even a voting guide on to explain all the changes. We now have a Primary, then there’s “The Starters Election.” You mean I have to do this voting thing again?

Raise your hand (or post a comment) if you miss the old way of voting – going to a ballgame, getting your ballot from the usher, and pushing out all those little circles of paper next to your favorite players’ names. Sure, it was probably bad for the environment or dangerous for  animals around the ballpark, but the new way gives me a headache.

All I want to do is check off the names of players, but, no, I have to click a million times and then fork over all my information – including my birth date – to submit my ballot. If I want to stuff the ballot box, I probably have to type in some code to prove I’m not a robot. (I don’t know, I didn’t want to have to go through that this year, so I voted once and that was it.) Last year, I could barely read those codes on my tiny phone screen. It’s voter suppression, I tell you!

Ok, yeah, I hear it now – I’ve become a grumpy Gen-X’er. (But still.)

Well, MLB keeps saying they need younger fans. Maybe this is a way to do it. Let the Millennials and Gen Z pick the All-Star teams – maybe that will motivate them to watch the game (instead of simply going to the ballpark to socialize). That’s ok with me.

As long as they vote for Trey Mancini.

Happy Voting!

~ baseballrebecca


Baseball in the Navy

Admiral Chester Nimitz throwing out the first ball in an exhibition baseball game in Oahu, Hawaii, 1942. Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and as I was researching baseball and the military I stumbled upon a few really cool photos. I’ll post more about baseball players we lost in times of war on Monday. For now, enjoy these cool photos.

~ baseballrebecca






UA 569.26 Nancy Noyes Collection

Sailors playing baseball on the deck of an U.S. Navy aircraft carrier (sometime between 1947 and 1963). Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command.


A baseball exhibition game is held at "Gab-Gab" Fleet Recreation Area, Guam, July 1945. Note the close proximity of warships in the harbor. Courtesy FADM Nimitz.

Baseball exhibition game at at the U.S. Navy Fleet Recreation Area, Guam, July 1945. Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

Tributes to Frank, Part 3

The outpouring of love for Frank Robinson has been amazing. Of course he was a hall of famer and a trailblazer, but Baltimore fans are used to no one else recognizing the greatness of their players and their city. Its nice to see just how much the rest of world loved him and recognized his impact on both baseball and society.

Here’s one tribute I missed the other day. My favorite player honoring one of my favorite former players:

And a few others I missed, or who chimed in late:

Even this guy had something to say:

The Best and Worst of Baseball in 2018

Cedric Mullins

Cedric Mullins, 2018, photo by Keith Allison via Wikipedia

As we say goodbye to 2018 and look forward to 2019, let’s recap the year in baseball. While 2018 was, overall, a miserable year – if you’re an Os fan or a Nats fan – there were a few highlights. In the minors, there was the Copa de la Diversión, the P-Nats made the playoffs, and Cedric Mullins made his Major League debut.

In other good news, in June, the Washington Nationals helped the Washington Capitals celebrate DC winning the Stanley Cup and  MLB participated in the New York City Pride March for the first time. In July, the Nation’s Capitol hosted the MLB All-Star festivities, during which Bryce Harper, proudly representing DC, won the Home Run Derby. On a personal note, I finally got to see the Arizona Fall League, the Negro Southern League Museum, the Mobile BayBears, Hank Aaron Stadium, and Jackie Robinson’s childhood home in Pasadena.

In weird baseball news, the Norfolk Tides experiences a game delay due to ducklings on the field, and the new minor league team in North Alabama announced their new name, the Trash Pandas.


Jonathan Schoop, 2013, photo by Keith Allison via Wikipedia

Sadly, in 2018 we lost Willie McCovey, Oscar Gamble, Rusty Staub, presidential fan George H.W. Bush, and quite a few others. Derek Jeter had the nerve to want to move the home run sculpture outside of Marlins Park. And the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals committed the unforgivable acts of trading Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop, and Gio Gonzalez.

Of course, we can’t forget that 2018 was the worst Orioles season ever and that the Orioles likely won’t re-sign Adam Jones.

Hopefully, 2019 will be better…

Have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration!

~ baseballrebecca