Features and More

CbhLwDZWwAALH2jThanks for checking out The Baseball Sociologist! As you check out my posts you’ll see that there are regular (though not always weekly) features:

Films on Fridays (click on the link for an example): On Fridays, I publish brief posts with links to relevant videos/films. Sometimes the videos are related to content posted earlier in the week or a recent or historical event.

Stat-urdays: Saturdays are made for statistics! Saturday posts include fun stats or other statistically-related items.

Best of the Week: Particularly during the season, I’ll recap the best baseball things that happened during the previous week – either from a sociological perspective or just the fan’s perspective.

I try to post one to two posts per week, depending on what’s going on and what baseball sociological issues I’m researching!

Thanks for stopping by!