Adam Jones on Jackie Robinson

Adam Jones in 2011. Photo by Keith Allison (via Wikipedia).

Every year, MLB celebrates Jackie Robinson Day – April 15 – by donning #42 uniforms, hosting special events, and talking about the importance of Jackie Robinson to baseball and society. One of my favorite players, Adam Jones, always tells it like it is, and Jackie Robinson Day a few years ago was no different. Click here to check out Adam Jones’ 2015 comments here.


This year is the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. As we count down to Jackie Robinson Day, let’s think about what this means to the players, the game, and us – the fans.


Congrats to @SimplyAJ10, the rest of the USA team, and team Puerto Rico for an awesome World Baseball Classic!

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Fighting Solves Nothing (especially when you miss)

The Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles got into a fight on Tuesday. Of course, many folks have offered their two-cents on the topic. For example, the Sporting News stated Manny Machado was wrong for charging the mound while the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has tired of Yordano Ventura’s antics. ESPN noted that this can be a positive turning point for the Orioles, and NBC Sports just mused that it was all in tribute to Muhammad Ali (though see my take on that below). Adam Jones, of course, felt Machado was more than justified in his actions.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon and Anthony Rizzo apparently loved the whole thing.

I’ll let you judge for yourself (just don’t let that little skip of Manny’s as he heads to the pitcher’s mound cloud your opinion):

I was watching the game, but I’ll decline to take sides (Manny Machado doll on my dresser notwithstanding). Actually, I think they both should be ashamed of themselves. After all, the photographic evidence is quite telling – clearly neither Machado nor Ventura know how to fight. The still photos of their punches clearly show them each missing the mark:

Yordano Ventura and Manny Machado get into it after Ventura threw at Machado.

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Cake Walk?

Wait for it … (at about 0:46) …

We knew something was afoot. Adam Jones could not NOT do something after a win. So, after the O’s walk-off Opening Day win on Monday, we waited for Adam Jones to interrupt the interview with Matt Wieters. And we were not disappointed. Adam Jones came trotting out with a pie tin. And as reported in both the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, though he appeared to have defied the pie ban, Adam Jones did not technically break the rules.

It was cake. And it was beautiful. [Update: Camden Chat and CBS-Baltimore report that they have confirmed that it wasn’t cake after all, despite it’s “cakey” appearance that Buck referred to.]

We’ll see what he does for the next win.

Concerning the incident, Buck Showalter quipped, “I’ve lost control of the team again. Pick the battles worth winning, right? It had some kind of orange look to it. It looked very cakey to me.” Adam Jones stated he’d plead the fifth, and later acknowledged on Twitter that he’d take whatever punishment might be coming his way:

It was the perfect way to start the new baseball season!

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Opening Day in 10 Days!!!!

CdH2A9LUIAEeKB-.jpg large
Adam Jones being getting a taste of his own pie (photo courtesy of @SimplyAJ10 on Twitter)

Opening Day is just 10 days away! (Counting today, that is.)

What does “10” mean to Orioles fans? Adam Jones, of course!

The biggest Adam Jones news to come out of Spring Training was the Orioles’ new ban on post-game pie-ing. Jones is well-known for his pie-in-the-face celebrations, which have featured actual pies since 2014 (prior to that they were the traditional shaving cream pies).

An informal poll by the Baltimore Sun found that 85% of the 1,500 or so fans who responded wanted to keep the the pie tradition alive. To help us through the pain, the Sun kindly published a “best of” photo gallery of pie-ing. MLB’s Cut4 also had a pretty nice tribute. (Also check out their “offseason ode to Adam Jones, the undisputed master of the celebratory pie,” published one month prior to the ban on, of course, National Pie Day – not to be confused with Pi Day.)

But we’re all pretty sure Adam has something new planned for 2016…

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The Week of February 14-20, 2016

DSCN4091The best baseball story of the week has got to be this one! Gotta love a dog named after one of my Orioles! And Adam Jones is probably going to use this against him all season…

A dog named Manny Machado took home Best of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show

Have a great week!

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