Best of the Week: 6/9/2019 – 6/15/2019

Last Sunday, the Nats celebrated in the dugout as they hit four consecutive home runs:

~ baseballrebecca


Best of the Week: 6/2/2019 – 6/8/2019

As the world marked the 75th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) this week, the baseball world made sure that baseball’s contributions were not forgotten:


~ baseballrebecca





Best of the Week: 5/5/2019 – 5/11/2019

It was a week where the Nationals lost four in a row and the Orioles lost 2 out of 3 to the Red Sox. But at least Adam Jones is still out there protecting the outfield and entertaining us. (It’s just unfortunate that he’s no longer on one of my favorite teams).

On Thursday, Jones robbed Ronald Acuna, Jr., of a home run, then posted a video of himself loading up on sugar:

 And this is what he was eating:

Once again, Adam Jones was the best of the week!

~ baseballrebecca





Best of the Week: 4/14/2019 – 4/20/2019

Robinson Cano’s cleats and tweet for Jackie Robinson Day top my list of the Best of the Week:

 And this was totally awesome too:

I miss Jones and Markakis!

~ baseballrebecca