Films on Friday: The Best of Gary Thorne, Part 2

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of the Gary Thorne Series: the fanless baseball game and Torres v. Thorne. Today we have Thorne interviewing baseball legend Vin Scully:


Happy Friday!

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Films on Thursday: The Best of Gary Thorne, Part 1

Yep. It’s only Thursday, but I uncovered some great videos so I figured I’d post some today and some tomorrow. And we need the diversion. We’re all missing baseball right now. Many of us are missing Adam Jones (and have been), and I know one person (and only one) that misses Orioles TV announcer Gary Thorne. So, here are Jones and Thorne from the fanless game a few years ago:

And here’s Gleyber Torres v. Gary Thorne:

Tune in tomorrow for more Gary!

Happy Thursday!

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Best of the Week: 8/11/2019 – 8/17/2019

This past week, Gleyber Torres became tied for the most home runs against a single team in one season when he hit his 13th home run against the Baltimore Orioles on Monday. (It was also his third of the day against the O’s.) The record of 14 was set by Lou Gehrig against the Indians in 1936.

As one writer put it, “Gleyber Torres owns the Baltimore Orioles now.” The Ringer went so far as to investigation the question, “What if Gleyber Torres Played Only the Orioles?” (The answer: 117 home runs.) Here are a few of the reactions to this feat, not only to Torres, but to Orioles announcer Gary Thorne.

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