2017 MiLB Bobblehead Giveaways

June may be almost over, but its never too late to play out your bobblehead giveaway gamess! Below are the remaining bobblehead giveaways for June for the International, Eastern, Carolina, and South Atlantic Leagues (the leagues in which the Orioles’ and Nationals’ minor league teams play) as well as past bobblehead giveaways. I will post future dates on July 1 and August 1.

Date Bobblehead, Gnome, or Statue Team League
19-Jun Paws Jedi Bobblehead Pawtucket International
23-Jun Luau LOCO Bobblebody Altoona Eastern
23-Jun Zach Britton Delmarva South Atlantic
24-Jun Stephen Strasburg Syracuse International
24-Jun Trevor Story Asheville South Atlantic
25-Jun Roger Clemens Scranton-Wilkes Barre International
28-Jun Atomic Wing Bobblehead Buffalo International

Previous Giveaways:

8-Apr 10th Anniversary Garden Gnome Lehigh Valley International
14-Apr Aaron Nola Golden Bobblehead Reading Eastern
19-Apr JP Crawford Lehigh Valley International
21-Apr Mystery Bobblehead Frederick Carolina
21-Apr Jack Kilway Akron Eastern
22-Apr Trea Turner Syracuse International
29-Apr Hollidaysburg Area School District Golder Tiger (mascot) Altoona Eastern
29-Apr Talking Rick Rice Bobblehead Asheville South Atlantic
2-May Nick Williams Lehigh Valley International
4-May Homer the Dragon Bobblehead Charlotte International
6-May Matt Stairs HOF Bobblehead Harrisburg Eastern
11-May Steve Carlton Lehigh Valley International
13-May Bryce Harper Gobblehead Potomac Carolina
13-May Sean Kazmar Jr. “Star Wars” Bobblehead Gwinnett International
13-May Rocket Bobblehead (Guardians of the Galaxy Night) Indianapolis International
13-May Deion Sanders Syracuse International
16-May Jackie Bradley Jr. Portland Eastern
19-May Anthony Rizzo Salem Carolina
19-May Al Tuna “Revenge of the Fish” Bobblebody Altoona Eastern
19-May Championship Bobble Trophy Rome South Atlantic
23-May Carlos Santana (random drawing) Columbus International
26-May Michael Fulmer Erie Eastern
26-May WQBE Rabbit Bobblehead West Virginia South Atlantic
27-May Rubberta Bobblehead Akron Eastern
31-May Dillon Brothers (NASCAR) bobblehead Winston-Salem Carolina
2-Jun Mystery Bobblehead Myrtle Beach Carolina
2-Jun Noah Santagaard Garden Gnome Binghamton Eastern
3-Jun Marla Hooch (“A League of  Their Own”) Akron Eastern
3-Jun Reggie Jackson Scranton-Wilkes Barre International
5-Jun Jake Thompson Lehigh Valley International
6-Jun Mookie Betts Portland Eastern
9-Jun “I Gotta Have More Josh Cow Bell” Bobblehead Altoona Eastern
9-Jun Amir Garrett Louisville International
10-Jun Pedro Severino Potomac Carolina
10-Jun Rio Ruiz “Super Hero” Bobblehead Gwinnett International
11-Jun Gold Ribbon Gnome New Hampshire Eastern
13-Jun Jason Kipnis (random drawing) Columbus International
14-Jun Chew Chew Mascot Bobblehead Hartford Eastern
17-Jun Johnny Damon Wilmington Carolina
17-Jun Leg Lamp Bobble (from “A Christmas Story” Lakewood South Atlantic
17-Jun Coach Cal Bobblehead Series Giveaway #2 Lexington South Atlantic



2017 MLB Bobblehead Giveaways

Now that I’ve finally acquired my first bobblehead of the year (more on that later this week), it’s time to finally post the list of MLB bobblehead giveaways. Below are the giveaways for June as well as the bobbleheads already given out this year at MLB ballparks. I’ll publish future giveaways for this year at the end of each month during the season – i.e., look for the list of July bobblehead giveaways on June 30th.

June Giveaways
2-4-Jun Reds Iron Man Bobblehead (special ticket required)
3-Jun Brewers Iron Man Bobblehead (special ticket)
3-Jun Mariners Nelson Cruz
3-Jun Miami Giancarlo Stanton 2016 MLB Home Run Derby Bobblehead
3-Jun Oakland Khris Davis
3-Jun Orioles Manny Machado Starting Lineup Figure
3-Jun Rangers Cole Hamels Super Hero Bobblehead
3-Jun Reds Anthony DeSciafani
3-Jun Royals Memorable Moments Bobblehead Series: Alex Gordon
4-Jun Blue Jays Josh Donaldson
6-Jun Dodgers Justin Turner
7-Jun Brewers Stitch ‘n Pitch Bobblehead featuring Brewers Racing Sausage Bratwurst (special ticket)
8-Jun Cubs “World Series MVP” Bobblehead
9-Jun Braves Bartolo Colon
9-Jun Cardinals Orlando Cepeda
9-Jun Nationals Tanner Roark
9-Jun Yankees Reggie Jackson
10-Jun Tampa Bay Matt Duffy Double Play Bobblehead
12-Jun Red Sox Chris Sale
13-Jun Cardinals Scott Terry mini bobblehead (special ticket)
16-Jun Braves Dansby “The Flow” Bobblehead
16-Jun Brewers Charlie Brown bobblehead (special ticket)
16-Jun Tigers Michael Fulmer Rookie of the Year Bobblehead
17-Jun Pirates Jordy Mercer
17-Jun Reds Pete Rose replica statue
18-Jun Oakland Marcus Semien Starting Lineup Action Figure
21-Jun Cubs Replica Rizzo Platinum and Gold Glove Trophy
21-Jun Dodgers Andre Ethier
21-Jun Phillies Phillies Star Wars Phanatic Red Leader (special ticket)
21-Jun Twins Brian Dozier “A Force 2B Reckoned With” Strormtrooper Bobblehead (special Ticket)
24-Jun Arizona Paul Goldschmidt X-Wing Fighter Pilot Star Wars Bobblehead
24-Jun Cardinals Bob Gibson “Final Out” bobblehead (part one of two)
24-Jun Giants Retro Bobble
24-Jun Tampa Bay Kevin Kiermaier Star Wars Bobblehead
25-Jun Cardinals Fredbird Bobblehead (kids 15 and under)
25-Jun White Sox Southpaw Birthday Bobbleheads (kids 13 and under)
26-Jun Cardinals Carlos Martinez and Matt Carpenter double bobblehead
27-Jun Red Sox Manny Ramirez
29-Jun Red Sox Charlie Brown (with special ticket purchase)
Past Dates and Other Bobblehead Giveaways
no date Reds Eric Davis 30/30 dual bobblehead with 6-game ticket plan
no date White Sox Carlton Fisk (when joinining Sox Pride Club)
no date White Sox Jim Thome (with purchase of SoxFest 2016 weekend hotel package)
4-Mar Tampa Bay Logan Forsythe
25-Mar Tampa Bay Raymond/DJ Kitty Bobblehead
5-Apr Red Sox Rick Porcello
8-Apr Arizona Jake Lamb
8-Apr Astros Jose Altuve “Handshake Series” Bobblehead
8-Apr Cardinals Yadier Molina
8-Apr Pirates Francisco Cervelli That’s Amore Singing Bobblehead
8-Apr Rockies DJ LeMahieu NL Batting Champion Bobblehead
8-Apr Tampa Bay Kevin Kiermaier Gold Glove Bobblehead
14-Apr Mariners Ken Griffey Jr. Replica Statue
14-Apr Miami Don Mattingly
14-Apr Nationals Daniel Murphy
14-Apr Red Sox Mookie Betts
15-Apr Dodgers Replica Jackie Robinson Statue
15-Apr Giants Johnny Cueto Shimmy Bobble
18-Apr Cardinals Red Schoendienst mini bobblehead (special ticket)
19-Apr Mariners Ichiro Dual Bobblehead
22-Apr Mets Matt Harvey garden gnome
22-Apr Tampa Bay Chris Archer Starting Lineup Figurine
23-Apr Brewers Jonathan Villar
25-Apr Cardinals Lou Brock mini bobblehead (special ticket)
28-Apr Cardinals Bruce Sutter garden gnome
28-Apr Royals Rusty Kuntz (special ticket)
29-Apr Cardinals Carols Martinez and Matt Carpenter Double Bobblehead
29-Apr Dodgers Corey Seager
29-Apr Rangers Adrian Beltre Dancing Legs Bobble
30-Apr Giants “Pence on Board” Plush Window Cling
30-Apr Yankees Gary Sanchez
2-May Cardinals Tom Pagnozzi mini bobblehead (special ticket)
3-May Dodgers Vin Sully Commemorative Microphone Statue
4-May Red Sox Mookie Betts Jedi bobblehead (with special ticket purchase)
5-May Reds Stormtrooper Bobblehead (special ticket)
6-May Braves R.A. Dickey Stormtrooper Bobblehead (special ticket)
6-May Mariners Felix Hernandez
6-May Oakland Bob Melvin
6-May Tampa Bay Bubble Blowin’ Evan Longoria
6-May Twins Rocket Raccoon Bobblehead
10-May Dodgers Kenley Jansen
13-May Brewers Jedi Keon Bobblehead (Star Wars Night) (special ticket)
13-May Rangers Elvis Andrus/Rougned Odor High Five Bobblehead (1 of 2)
13-May Royals Memorable Moments Bobblehead Series: Danny Duffy
14-May Blue Jays Marco Estrada
14-May Nationals Trea Turner
16-May Angels Trout MVP Season: Bobblehead 1 of 3
19-May Braves Ender Inciarte “Game Ender Catch” Bobblehead
19-May Cardinals Bobby Tolan mini bobblehead (special ticket)
19-May Reds Grateful Dead Terrapin figurine (special ticket)
20-May Astros Lance McCullers “Glow in the Dark” Gnome
20-May Cubs “The Final Out” Bobblehead
20-May Mariners Jay Buhner
20-May Mets David Wright Starting Lineup Figurine
20-May Pirates Bob Walk Chair-Tip Bobblechair
20-May Reds Adam Duvall
23-May Dodgers Joc Pederson
24-May Red Sox Craig Kimbrel
27-May Indians Jose Ramirez
28-May Brewers Robin Yount
28-May Miami Felo Ramirez
30-May Cardinals Whitey Herzog mini bobblehead (special ticket)

Spring Bobbles

indexLast year at Spring Training, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Mariano Rivera bobblehead upon entering Steinbrenner Field for a New York Yankees Spring Training game. I had no idea there was a giveaway that day. In fact, I’d never gotten any game day promotional giveaway during a spring training game. Unless of course you count that special – yet seemingly odd – appearance by Kenny G a few years ago in Viera.

So, with this year’s Spring Training already underway, I decided to see if we could expect any other spring training giveaways. Unfortunately, its not always easy to find the spring training giveaway calendar. For some teams, it’s not on the team’s MLB website. For example, you have to go to the Steinbrenner Field website to find the Yankees’ spring training giveaway schedule. And I must say that I was disappointed to see that the Yankees really weren’t handing out anything terribly exciting: a Steinbrenner Field 20th anniversary pin (3/14), a Masahiro Tanaka Poster (3/15), a tote bag (3/19), a Derek Jeter final game key chain (3/21), a Brian McCann Fathead poster (3/28), and a 1978 championship commemorative ring (4/2).

The Baltimore Orioles, on the other hand, make it much easier to find their giveaway schedule – it’s part of their regular promotional schedule website.  Sadly, however, their promotions are less noteworthy than the Yankees: a luggage tag (3/11), a plush cow (3/14), and a handful of non-giveaway events, such as seniors (all fans 55 and over) run the bases.

I couldn’t find any information on giveaways for the Nationals. So, if Kenny G or some other surprise guest shows up, it will be an added bonus.

Life-sized bobblehead at Ed Smith Stadium, Sarasota, FLBy the way, since I like to keep track of bobblehead giveaways, these are the only ones I discovered for 2015 Spring Training:

  • March 7 – Cleveland Indians’ Michael Brantley bobblehead, Goodyear Ballpark
  • March 7 – Toronto Blue Jays’ Roy Halladay bobblehead, Florida Auto Exchange Stadium
  • March 7 – Milwaukee Brewers’ Robin Yount bobblehead, Maryvale Park
  • March 14 – Cleveland Indians’ Billy Hamilton bobblehead, Goodyear Ballpark
  • March 19 – Milwaukee Brewers’ Jean Segura bobblehead, Maryvale Park
  • March 22 – Milwaukee Brewers’ Hank the Ballpark Pup bobblehead, Maryvale Park
  • March 23 – Milwaukee Brewers’ Chorizo bobblehead, Maryvale Park

Of course, for those who can’t make the games above, you can always get your picture taken with the Orioles’ life-size Oriole bird bobblehead at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota or the Dodgers’ life-size bobblehead of Tommy Lasorda at their spring training home, Camelback Ranch (see the video below of Tommy coming face to face with it at Dodger Stadium).

In related news, apparently a fan decided to become a human bobblehead of Yasiel Puig Sunday at Camelback Ranch.  It was described as “terrifying.”

Happy Spring Training!

~ baseballrebecca




MLB 2014 Bobblehead Giveaways

During the 2014 season, there will be nearly 150 different bobbleheads (gnomes, action figures, or other similar figurines) given out at Major League Baseball stadiums across the country. I published a list a while back, but several teams – including the Indians, Blue Jays, Braves, Tigers, and A’s – have updated their lists, while others have finally publicized theirs (including the O’s, Nats, and Yankees). Added to the list are Coco Crisp and Albert Pujols garden gnomes and bobbleheads for Pedro Martinez, Max Scherzer, Casey Stengel, Wilson Ramos, and Hello Kitty. And in an interesting development, the Rockies are giving away several “Bobblehead Gnomes” – as well as a bobblehead. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what those are… Oh – and still no word from the Marlins and Brewers. (And, naturally, all lists are subject to change – check on a team’s website for updates!)

I’ll have more to say about other promotions and giveaways, as well as Minor League Baseball bobbleheads, in the weeks to come.

~ baseballrebecca

Date Team Bobblehead/Gnome/Other
4/1 Angels Mike Trout
4/5 Rays Wil Myers Rookie of the Year Bobblehead
4/6 Dodgers Yasiel Puig Fathead (kids)
4/6 Rays Desmond Jennings Baseball Buddy (kids)
4/6 Rockies “Batting Champ” Bobblehead Gnome
4/7 Red Sox David Ortiz
4/9 Giants Hunter Pence
4/10 Braves Hank Aaron
4/11 Cardinals Michael Wacha 2013 NLCS MVP Bobblehead
4/18 Cubs Joe Tinker
4/19 A’s Josh Donaldson Diorama Bobblehead
4/19 Rangers Yu Darvish Strikeout King Bobblehead
4/24 Dodgers Clayton Kershaw
4/25 Giants Duane Kuiper
4/26 Astros Jason Castro All-star Bobblehead
4/26 Diamondbacks Patrick Corbin
4/26 White Sox Minnie Minoso replica statue
4/27 Nationals Jordan Zimmermann
4/27 Blue Jays R.A. Dickey
4/30 Red Sox Dustin Pedroia
5/2 Angels Josh Hamilton
5/2 Cubs Red Grange
5/3 Indians Orel Hershiser
5/10 Mets 1969 Commemorative Nolan Ryan Bobblehead
5/10 Reds Homer Baily Dual No-Hitter Bobblehead
5/10 Reds Homer Bailey Dual No-Hitter
5/13 Dodgers Yasiel Puig
5/16 Nationals Wilson Ramos
5/16 Cubs Babe Ruth’s “Called Shot” Bobblehead
5/17 Astros Astros gnome
5/17 Diamondbacks Gerardo Parra
5/18 Rangers Prince Fielder
5/18 Rockies “Super Cargo” Bobblehead Gnome
5/20 Angels Albert Pujols Gnome
5/22 Braves Andrelton Simmons
5/24 Pirates Pedro Alvarez Silver Slugger Bobblehead
5/24 White Sox Chris Sale
5/27 Dodgers Hyun-Jin Ryu
5/31 A’s Catfish Hunter
5/31 Indians Brohio Bobblehead
5/31 Mariners Robinson Cano
6/1 Phillies Cliff Lee Action Figurine
6/3 Dodgers Hello Kitty (mini bobble)
6/3 Indians Michael Bourn
6/4 Reds Aroldis Chapman
6/4 Reds TBA
6/5 Tigers Max Scherzer 2013 Cy Young Award Bobblehead
6/6 Angels Jared Weaver Gnome
6/6 Cubs All-American Girls Bobblehead
6/7 Diamondbacks Martin Prado
6/8 Blue Jays Jose Reyes
6/8 Rockies “Sasquatch” Bobblehead Gnome
6/10 Phillies Chase Utley (“Bobble Figurine”)
6/12 Mariners Macklemore
6/14 Dodgers Tommy Lasorda
6/15 Cardinals Jack Buck (with voice chip)
6/17 Braves Greg Maddux
6/19 Yankees Mark Teixeira
6/20 Cubs Ernie Banks
6/21 Reds Ken Griffy Jr. 500th Home Run Bobblehead
6/21 Reds TBA
6/22 A’s Coco Crisp Garden Gnome
6/22 Rockies “Tulo” Bobblehead Gnome
6/26 Dodgers Brian Wilson Fan-Voted Bobblehead
6/28 Giants Brandon Belt or Brandon Crawford
6/28 Pirates Andrew McCutchen N.L. MVP Bobblehead
6/28 Royals James Shields
6/30 Nationals Bryce Harper
7/2 Yankees Lou Gehrig
7/6 Cardinals Jim Edmonds
7/6 Rockies “The Skipper” Bobblehead Gnome
7/7 Orioles Manny Machado
7/8 Indians Jason Kipnis
7/11 Cubs Gale Sayers
7/12 Dodgers Pee Wee Reese and Roy Campanella
7/12 Mariners Hisashi Iwakuma
7/12 Rangers Eric Nadel
7/12 Reds Billy Hamilton
7/12 Reds TBA
7/12 Royals Salvador Perez
7/13 Giants Angel Pagan
7/13 Rockies “Golden Arenado” Bobblehead Gnome
7/14 Tigers Justin Verlander
7/18 Angels Mike Trout Gnome
7/20 Nationals Denard Span
7/21 Yankees Derek Jeter figurine
7/25 Cubs Jack Brickhouse
7/25 Rays Don Zimmer snow globe (special tickets only?)
7/26 Cubs Ernie Banks replica statue
7/27 Yankees Paul O’Neill
7/31 Dodgers “Original 30 HR Club” Bobblehead: Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Dusty Baker, and Reggie Smith
8/1 Astros Lance Berkman
8/2 Indians Jim Thome Statue
8/2 Orioles Chris Davis action figure (kids)
8/2 Rays Joe Maddon Mr. Potato Head
8/2 Tigers Ivan Rodriguez collectible figuerine
8/3 Astros Roy Oswalt
8/5 Nationals Jayson Werth Garden Gnome
8/6 Reds Jay Bruce
8/6 Reds TBA
8/8 Phillies Roy Halladay (“Bobble Figurine”)
8/9 Mariners Lou Piniella
8/10 Royals Alex Gordon
8/12 Rangers Pudge Rodriguez Gold Glove Bobblehead
8/13 Braves Fan Choice Bobblehead
8/14 Tigers Justin Verlander (mini bobble)
8/15 Cardinals Chris Carpenter Retirement Bobblehead
8/15 Rockies Todd Helton “Farewell” Bobblehead
8/15 Tigers Miguel Cabrera 2-time MVP bobblehead
8/17 Nationals Racing President Bill Bobblehead
8/17 Rays Mr. Happy Bobblehead
8/17 Rockies Todd Helton “Retire 17” Bobblehead Gnome
8/19 Phillies “Phillies Bobble Figurine”
8/19 Phillies Ryan Howard
8/20 Dodgers Zack Greinke
8/20 Yankees Joe Girardi
8/21 Nationals Ian Desmond
8/22 Cubs Kerry Wood 20 Strikeout Bobblehead
8/23 Reds Commemorative 2015 All-Star Bobblehead
8/24 Blue Jays Mark Buehrle
8/24 Dodgers Matt Kemp figurine
8/24 Yankees Yankees Hello Kitty bobblehead
8/30 Astros Nolan and Reid Ryan Dual Bobblehead
8/30 Diamondbacks Bob Brenly
8/30 Mariners Felix Hernandez
8/30 Mets Curtis Granderson
8/30 Royals Mr. Royal
8/30 White Sox Tony LaRussa
9/1 Braves Bobby Cox
9/1 Indians Michael Brantley
9/1 Orioles Adam Jones
9/2 Dodgers Magic Johnson
9/4 Rangers Shin-Soo Choo
9/5 Cubs Greg Maddux 3000th Strikeout Bobblehead
9/6 Twins TBD 2014 All-Star Game Bobblehead
9/7 Dodgers A.J. Ellis
9/7 Rockies “Baby Bull” Bobblehead Gnome
9/9 Dodgers Babe Ruth
9/9 Red Sox Pedro Martinez
9/9 Yankees Yankees Lucy Bobblehead
9/13 Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt
9/17 Braves Tom Glavine
9/20 Cardinals Jose Oquendo
9/20 Padres Padres Bobblehead
9/21 Orioles Fans’ choice
9/27 Nationals Tyler Clippard
9/28 Mets Casey Stengel

Gnome Quest

Bowie Baysox Manny Machado Garden Gnome GiveawayI’ve written previously about Bobble Mania and my Bobble Quests.  Recently, however, minor league teams have added a new one: The Gnome Quest.  This evening, the Bowie Baysox had a Manny Machado gnome giveaway for the first 1,000 fans.  From the line outside the stadium more than an hour before the game started, it would appear it was a hit. (Yes, I was in that line.)Line outside the stadium waiting to get Manny Machado Garden Gnomes

I’m sure one reason Manny the Gnome was so popular is that fans LOVE Manny the Ballplayer.  For years we’ve been counting on him to be the future of the Orioles, the “shortstop of the future.”  We like to compare him to Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken.

It’s not surprising, then, that we like to collect all things Manny.  This year alone, the Baysox have had three Manny-related giveaways:  the Manny Machado bobblehead, the Manny Machado t-shirt, and, now, the Manny Machado Garden Gnome.

Not only do baseball fans love giveaways, we love Machado giveaways.  I think this video from the Bowie Baysox pretty much proves it:

Happy collecting!

~ baseballrebecca

Three Teams, Three Days

It’s been my goal this summer to catch three games in one weekend – not an easy feat, I assure you.  Sure, we’ve all done that on vacation (I mean, we all have, haven’t we?  It’s not just me, is it?).  But a work week is something altogether different.  After a long day of working, it’s always hard to fight rush hour traffic to get to a game.  Of course, it’d be easier if I did my three games in three days in Bowie.  But I hadn’t thought of that.

Since the minor league season is about to end, I decided this past weekend was the obvious choice.  The Potomac Nationals, Hagerstown Suns, and Bowie Baysox all were home over the weekend.  And it turned out that it was also an Orioles-Nationals minor league weekend – meaning the O’s farm teams were playing Nats farm teams for the games I was attending.  (I wonder if they did that on purpose.)  Most importantly, however, all had good giveaways.  As I’ve said before, baseball fans love free stuff.

Game 1, Friday: Frederick Keys at the P-Nat. I love both teams, so I just can’t lose when they play each other.  It was also Danny Rosenbaum  bobblehead night.  In addition, O’s prospect Kevin Gausman was pitching.  

Game 2, Saturday:  Delmarva Shorebirds at the Hagerstown Suns.  They had a Bryce Harper replica jersey giveaway.  Got there 90 minutes early, although it turned out to be a double header that started earlier than the original game was scheduled.  Ended up with a kid-sized Harper shirt – but at least I got one!   

Game 3, Sunday:  Harrisburg Senators at my Baysox.  It was fan appreciation day, so they gave out free t-shirts.  Got there in time for the shirt, but also in time for the rain.  Unfortunately, the rain never stopped, and the game was postponed.

So, technically, I made it to three stadiums in three days, but didn’t get to see three games.  Oh well, it was the adventure of it all!  And did I mention I got free stuff?

~ baseballrebecca

 PS  I’ll resume my tales of Southern Baseball Adventures later this week!