Haunted Stadium?

Frontier Field (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

In the spirit of Halloween (pun intended) I thought I’d share the following video about the potentially haunted Frontier Field, home of the Rochester Red Wings:


Happy Halloween!

~ baseballrebecca


Baseballoween 2013

Pfister Hotel, circa 1900Have you heard tale
of the Pfister Hotel?
Where ghosts and ghouls play
and ball players stay.
Visiting teams while in town
have reported more than one
spooky sound.
Do the ghosts still moan and beg?
Or are the players just pulling your leg?

Back in June, Stacey Pressman of ESPN the Magazine reported that some baseball players were spooked while staying at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.  The Nationals’ Bryce Harper claims “that table at the foot of the bed, those things in hotels that you sit on to put on your shoes” moved across the room as he slept; Michael Young of the Phillies heard footsteps; and to play it safe, Justin Upton of the Braves sleeps with the lights on when he’s there.Pfister Hotel, circa 1901

Apparently, however, that was not the first time such stories surfaced.  In 2001, Sports Illustrated, told the story of Adrian Beltre (then with the Dodgers) getting so spooked at the hotel that he slept with his bat next to him.  Reportedly, Beltre’s air conditioner and television turned off and on seemingly on their own, and someone – or something – was knocking on his headboard.  Gary Sheffield claimed to also have heard the knocking, though added that he didn’t believe in ghosts.

In 2008, Carlos Gomez of the Minnesota Twins, after being briefed about ghosts by teammates including Livan Hernandez, heard voices and watched his iPod turn on and vibrate on the table.  In 2009, the Giants’ Pablo Sandoval had a similar experience.   The following year, Sandoval and teammate Edgar Renteria decided to skip the Pfister altogether and stayed in a different place.

These are just a few of the stories of spirits haunting baseball players at the 220-year-old Pfister.  If I ever make it to Milwaukee, I think I’ll stay elsewhere.

Happy Halloween!

~ baseballrebecca