Earl Weaver’s Ejections

On this date in 1975, Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver got ejected twice – during both games of a double header – by umpire Ron Luciano. Throughout his MLB career, Weaver was ejected around 100 times. His double header ejections on August 15, 1975, was just one of three times he got ejected twice in one day.

Classic arguments and antics by managers such as Weaver really don’t happen any more – which I kind of miss. Sure, they were often a bit too much, but they could also be rather entertaining. What do you think?

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Stat-urday, 8/11/2018

An interesting stat posted earlier this week by MLB Network:

Happy Stat-urday!

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Films on Friday: Baseball Fan, Astronaut

Earlier this week, the Baltimore Orioles posted this video of O’s fan and astronaut, Ricky Arnold, chatting with Buck Showalter and some of the Orioles’ players from outer space:

Happy Friday!

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Losing is Exhausting

Washington Nationals’ Friday night giveaway: Anthony Rendon bobblehead

I’m tired today and, honestly, couldn’t decide what to write about for today’s post. So, I decided to address why I’m so tired: my teams were kinda lousy over the weekend. Lately I’ve been keeping an eye on four teams: the O’s, Nats, Yankees, and Dodgers. Out of 12 games these teams played, they lost 8 games. The opposing teams scored 61 runs to the 32 my teams scored.

Its exhausting losing that much. Of all the teams I watched – either in person or on TV – only the Nats managed to win 2 of their 3 games – and that was only after we had the disappointment of a non-rain postponement on Friday.

At least I got my bobblehead.

~ baseballrebecca


Best of the Week: 7/28/18 – 8/4/18

When a Washington, DC, reporter tweeted out last Tuesday that a DC Little League team comprised mostly of African American kids needed some financial help to get to the regional championships, Adam Jones responded, “How can I help?”

The next day on the team flight to Texas, Jones FaceTimed with the reporter, Delia Goncalves, and stated, “I want to see the next generation get an opportunity to succeed. Me being a black man trying to integrate more African-Americans into baseball, this was a no-brainer.” Of course, Goncalves wasn’t the only one who got to FaceTime with Jones. Yesterday, Jones FaceTimed with the Mamie Johnson Little League team to wish them luck.

Ultimately, Jones contributed $8,500 towards bus transportation for the Little Leaguers  to travel to Bristol, Connecticut, for the Mid-Atlantic Regional tournament. The team faces the Mid Island Little League team from Staten Island, New York, at 10 a.m. today.

~ baseballrebecca

Stat-urday, 8/4/2018

CbhLwDZWwAALH2jI found a cool stats tool the other day when doing research on Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop. You can get game by game stats on ESPN.com. On the left side pull down menu, click on MLB and at the top click More and then select Players. From there you can search by player or team. For each player, you can see a variety of stats, including the “Game Log,” which gives you daily stats. There are so many fun things we can analyze with this!

This will be a longer term project, but I’d love to figure out how well Manny and Jonathan did in games there played together versus games where they did not play together. For example, as a Dodger, Manny has been batting .268 with 2 home runs and 5 RBI (in 14 games through Thursday). Prior to being traded, his batting average was .315 and he had 24 home runs and 65 RBI (in 96 games). Jonathan was batting .244 with 17 home runs and 40 RBI in 85 games as an Oriole. In his first two games with Milwaukee he went 0-for-8.

This may not be a sufficiently large sample size, but, so far, they were better together, than apart.

~ baseballrebecca



We watched the two of them group together from A-ball to the bigs. Perhaps it was time to let them fly from the next on their own. But wouldn’t in be awesome if they could be together again? Check out the video highlighting their special bond below.

And I’ll have a lot more to say about this next week, so stay tuned…

Happy Friday!

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